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Apr 14, 2011 04:44 PM

Din Tai Fung.... black truffle XLB??

Doing Chowhound reconnaissance for an upcoming trip to Taiwan and stumbled across this interesting tidbit. I wonder if/when this will happen in Los Angeles?

Please make Taipei-specific responses through the link I provided. If you've heard to such a phenomenon happening in LA, I'd love to hear about it. If it takes off in Taipei, I'm sure we'll get it here eventually.

Mr Taster

Din Tai Fung Restaurant
1108 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

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  1. what is it ??? black truiffles in the regular dumplings?

    has anyone tried it yet at the DTF in arcadia?

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    1. re: kevin

      Yes black truffles in the dumplings, but it is mixed in with the pork with a small whole piece along with crushed black truffles. At least that's what a Taiwanese blog post describes it for the Taipei locations.

      1. re: K K

        i had this in Shanghai last year at the DTF in the World Financial Center. It was fantastic... here's a picture: (wish I'd had a better camera).

        Anyhow, I actually thought it was black truffle and chicken, but perhaps my memory is a bit blurry. Regardless, I'd LOVE to hear if they had it at the Arcadia outlet of DTF.

        1. re: adamclyde

          We were at the Arcadia DTF yesterday morning and I did not see any black truffle dumplings on their menu.

          I wish to mention, however, that since we were there last -- a few months ago -- their menu seems more extensive. Also, they have nicer serving dishes and teapots on the tables. The newer place (behind the original restaurant) is pristine and lively. The service was extraordinarily attentive. It is obvious that they have stepped-up their game!

          I peeked-in the older place (the original restaurant) and it does not seem that they have remodeled there. However, there is nothing tired about the newer DTF... Consequently, I would not be surprised to see truffle dumplings on their menu soon!

    2. For what it's worth, I had the truffle/pork XLB at DTF in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. And while it's delicious, I preferred the standard pork XLB.