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Apr 14, 2011 04:24 PM

Lamb shanks - what starch goes well?

I just finished some braised lamb shanks (basic flavors, thyme, white wine, carrots, onions, stock) - cooked some white beans and finished them in the braise, but I over cooked them a little and I'm just not loving them - any suggestions for another starch -
It will need to freeze well because this is part of a care package I'm sending across country - so roasted potatoes are out - I'm thinking celeriac and potato mash, but am drawing a blank for other ideas.

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  1. harryharry, here is a thread that might help:

    Emeril (the tv chef) uses blue cheese polenta. But freezing--? I dunno--
    what a good friend you are!

    1. Don't get rid of those beans! Good stuff cooked in them! I'd say make a simple fresh greens soup and add as puree (freezes well, beans would add creamy without dairy) or include it as part of a root smash up. I'd like parsnips, maybe some cauliflower, yum, roasted first, a tad of white truffle oil, send me left overs?

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          Bobby Flay has an awesome lamb shanks with orzo recipe. He uses some of the braising liquid to make the orzo. Here's the link:

        2. Add parsleyroot to the suggestions so far; it's frozen okay. Kumara if you can get it.

          1. Polenta, or couscous.