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Apr 14, 2011 04:10 PM

Identifying markings on antique/vintage cast iron pieces?

I just recently bought two wagner 10 inch cast iron skillets and they are remarkably different. One of them is much lighter and the inside is polished smooth. The lip edges are thinner. The bottom has markings that say "Wagner Ware Sidney -O-" and "1058 A".

The other pan is heavier and rougher in the inside with a thicker lip edge. The back says "Wagner Ware", "10 1/2 inch skillet", and "Made in USA K"

They both have number 8 near the handle

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  1. I only have Griswold so I can't help with Wagner marks but if you google I'm sure you will come up with a site that lists which marks were used when because I've seen such for Griswold.

    1. go to the source: for info for collectors

      also: Cast Iron Collector's Club. MUCH valuable info about CI.