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Apr 14, 2011 04:01 PM

Invert Sugar (or Syrup)

When do you use, or find invert sugar to be beneficial?

I've been experiment, and thus far, I think they are great for things like ganache, ice cream, white or yellow cake, and brownies.

Also, as an aside, for those that make invert sugar at home, do you find your homemade products to be more crystal translucent than professionally available invert sugars, which tend to be more opaque in appearance?

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  1. hi ipsedixit, how do you use invert sugar in batters? it usually does list them in recipes, is there a conversion i am not aware of?

    i usually use them in ganache for truffles and draping. what is the benefit of using them in a cake or ice cream?

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    1. re: jeniyo

      For a cake (like a simply yellow cake), I add the invert sugar right before adding the eggs. I've been subbing 5% of the total sugar with invert sugar, may go higher in the future. Benefit? Makes the cake more moist and tender, but still dense and not too light ... if that makes any sense.

      For ice cream, the benefit is that it makes for a very creamy texture.

    2. I've not used homemade invert syrup in baking, but rather in frozen desserts and fruit pies. I don't actually think the pie "needs" it for flavor or texture, but it does *seem* to help the fruit start cooking a little more quickly, so the crust has less chance of burning. I could be imagining that, however! (I've been baking gluten free, so I'm in a whole new world here...)