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Apr 14, 2011 03:44 PM

London - best indian restaurant?

I know this is a common topic but I'd like to get the most up to date information from you Chowhounders. I will be in London this weekend and would like to try authentic, tasty, moderately -to low priced indian food. What is your favorite restaurant?

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  1. Yes, it's a very common topic - I doubt if opinions have changed since all the recent comments in 2010 and 2011, such as on this thread and several others:

    1. I think the general consensus is avoid Brick Lane and perhaps head to East Ham.
      My partciular favourites in East Ham are Suavi which do a great Chettnad fish curry and Ananda Bhavan for great vegetarian food.
      I know Thattukada has it's fans but I wan't that impressed the two times I went there.

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        1. re: JFores

          I had the various veg curries & rice lunch special the first time and the mutton rolls and fish curry the second time.
          The mutton rolls were very chewy and the fish was cold and the sauce was nothing to write home about flavour wise.
          I have considered going back for the kottu as I enjoyed it a lot in Sri Lanka, though I don't suppose it's exactly the same.
          I've tried the kottu at Chennai Dosa in East Ham and it wasn't that good. The one at Suavi was better but still not a par on those in Sri Lanka.

          1. re: Paprikaboy


            Alas they dont do the Kottu there anymore, though they have a version at Kaveri Express across from East Ham tube....whic h personally I don't really like but if you're looking for kottu it is a place to go.

            IMO (I assume JF will agree) the things to order from Thattukada are the parotta, the biryani (chicken) or the fries. The fries are what are done really well with crsipy shallots and curry leaves, try the mussel, mutton, beef or daily specials if you fancy giving it another try :-) - some of these are admittedly off the menu but the wait staff are very helpful in saying what they have in that day. If you're feeling extravagant the para pollichatu is a whole fish cooked with a spicey paste in banana leaves, its pretty much like their dinner-party special dish.

            1. re: ShekhaV


              Following your post I decided to give Thattukada another try.
              I decided to ease myself in gently with the chicken biryani which was very delicately spiced.
              They had some interesting specials such as mussel or crab fry which I will have to try next time.

              I'll still be heading to Suvai for my Chettnad fish curry fix but I'm glad I gave it another go.

      1. I used to live there a looong time ago. On Bina Gardens was a place named Noor Jahan. Royal Bangladeshi style food. Still there and a quick search shows still great reviews.

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        1. re: sushiman

          bina gardens - royal bangladeshi style food? is there really such a creature?

          actively nasty is how i'd call it.

        2. I would say either Tayyab's or the Lahore Kebab House, both around the Commercial Road/Whitechapel area in East London, or if you want incredible Kenyan/Indian food head to the Brilliant in Southall. Brick Lane is nothing to write home about. Have also been to a couple of modest (but very tasty) canteen style establishments in East Ham, the name of which escape me.

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          1. re: Loobs

            Tayyeb's all the way. The infamous 'dirty curry' is fast, good and you will leave feeling more then satisfied. Hot sizzling platters of Spicy mixed grills, yummy biriyani and cool lassi's do the trick. It's also byob and the waiters are a laugh. The line up goes out the door and sometimes around the corner so get there early! It's also quite reasonably priced- you just cant béat this place..ive tried And happily failed!!

            1. re: Nush

              Personally, I would recommend Needo over Tayyabs (it's across the road) - this is mainly because I find Tayyabs to be a little too tame on their spicing, making the end effect somewhat balnd. Additionally, their portions (especially for grilled items like lamb chops) are smaller and more expensive. However, this is a personal preference....I prefer a little more kick to my meal :-)

              1. re: ShekhaV

                I live for spice and always thought tayyeb's was good for that- mind you I be been travellig for 18 months so haven't eaten there for a while. Maybe there 'target' has changes a bit? I'm back on London mid may and will defo try needos then. Great it's across the road- kind of like a security blanket incase I don't like it and return to more familiar flavours. :-)
                ps: I always thougt the portions were quite generous. 3 Ppl eating loads béer Vosges me more then thirty quid. Anyway thanks for the tip

                1. re: Nush

                  Haha exactly like a security blanket, hope you enjoy it when/if you go. In terms of target market...this seems to be the after work corwd nowadays so I think Tayyabs have tamed down because of that...

                  1. re: ShekhaV

                    I'd also recommend Needoo over Tayyabs, no queue, better mixed grills and excellent tarka dahl