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Apr 14, 2011 12:33 PM

Lunch near Peter O Knight Airport, Davis Island

Okay, I've seen discussion of Thai Island but I'm hoping all of you venerable Chowhounds will advise me on the best lunch spot within a 10 minute drive (tops) of Peter O'Knight Airport (that's the tiny airport at the south end of Davis ISland near the yacht club). I'm coordinating a series of environmental flights out of that airport. About 5 to 6 of us (with a wide array of tastes) will make a quick drive at noon and will want to sit down to a satisfying, tasty, not spicy, not frilly but just plain good lunch. Service doesn't need to be fast but reliable and not slow would be fine.

As I travel around the country, the Chowhound board has been invaluable.

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  1. I would recommend Pane Rustica. It is in S Tampa so you should be able to make it there in 10 mins or so.

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    1. I agree, Pane Rustica is awesome, my favorite place in Tampa for lunch or dinner. I would add Bailey's, which is right on Davis, to the list if you will be lunching more than once.

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        I have been wanting to try Baileys

      2. Besides Pane Rustica, Cafe DuFrain is right next door on Harbor Island and has a gorgeous view of downtown as well as tasty and creative local-produce based fare:
        There's definuetly something on the menu to please everyone.

        1. Love Pane Rustica; not sure it's within 10 minutes (tops) of the airport....and you'd have to drive right by Bailey's anyway. I haven't been yet, but Jim Webster liked it:

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          1. re: Tom Scherberger

            Hmm, according to that review they are not open for lunch...Baileys that is.

            But the other recommendations are very useful. Pane Rustica is very tempting. I'll check the timing...or maybe get the food to us... Will report back! Thanks!

            1. re: broadwinged

              Please click on the link I posted, they ARE open for lunch, although they were not always.