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Apr 14, 2011 11:43 AM

Looking for cheap lobster restaurants

Does anyone know of a good,cheap lobster restaurant along the CT, RI boarder?

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  1. Nordic Lodge is cheap. (if you can eat 20 lobsters in 2 hours...:-)

    sorry, couldn't reisist.

    Nordic Lodge
    178 E Pasquiset Trail, Charlestown, R.I., RI 02813

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      Funniest thing I've read in a while. Good one, Guy!

    2. Does not exist, Lobsters are pricey no matter where you buy them. The cheapest way to go is buy your own and cook at home. this would be cheaper than any meal at a restuarant

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        Locally, $10 lobster specials at the bar, or $19.99 twins in several restaurants are pretty common.

      2. Usualy when a restaurant advertize 10.00 lobsters or 2 for $18.00 these are usually the soft shell lobsters. Many companies who fish for these keep them for restaurants. So they can be sold cheap. Lobsters with very hard shells sell for way more. Most are shipped to places where lobsters can be fished. A few places sell the soft shell type for all you can eat joints. Best bet. Go to the ocean find a seafood mkt. ask for a hard shell lobster the soft ones have a 20/30% weight loss and when you cut the shells a milky liquid comes out its the pritien which has not totally firmed up.

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        1. re: Frank Terranova

          Sometimes that is true, but not always. Some people actually prefer the sweeter and more tender meat that comes from a soft shell vs. a hard shelled lobster, knowing that due to the shrinkage factor that they are getting less meat in the deal. They also like the fact that you can easily break open the shells with your hands instead of needing a nut cracker. Personal preference is the real difference, so it's more important to know what you like rather than to automatically demand hard shells.

          There's really not a huge price difference anyway. This week at Fleet Fisheries in New Bedford soft shells are at $5.75 per pound. Firm shells are $6.50 and hard shells are $7.25. Hardly "way more".

        2. Anthony's Restaurant in Swansea Mass on rt 6 twins, for $19.99. Not the greatest place to eat but the lobsters are cheap.

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            Thanks everyone for your help I do appreciate your Feed-back