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Apr 14, 2011 11:38 AM

It's finally OPEN

no, not Talulah's Garden, I"m talking about Dilly's Corner in New Hope

So what? You may say! Which is fine by me because that means that you’re going to be one less person standing in line in front of me while I’m waiting to order my Dilly Burger WITH fried onions… only the messiest, tastiest, burger this side of the city (I’m not going to try to compare to Village Whiskey.

Great roll, nicely toasted, meaty juicy burger topped with a slice of orange cheese (go ahead scoff, more for me) lettuce, impossibly ripe tomatoes (especially for April, where'd they get good tomatoes in April) a slice of raw onion, some fried onions and some mayo... grab a 6 inch stack of napkins and an order of onion rings and chocolate shake if you think you can handle it and you're in food heaven sitting outside at one of their picnic tables, people watching and enjoying one of the simple yet tasty moments in life

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  1. Where is the LIKE button! I am weak at the knees in the presence of such a delightful burger! *bowing*

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    1. re: crazyspice

      The setting is lovely too crazy, at least that is how I remember it. Was quite a treat when my friend got her own car and we could drive there without any grown-ups in tow. We were broke and mostly stuck to ice cream cones and fries. I really need to revisit.

      1. re: givemecarbs

        I hear you Carbs! I have already informed Mr. Spice we are headed to Dilly's in the very near future.

    2. This is too funny to read having grown up in Bucks County and looking forward to Dilly's in the summertime.

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      1. re: skradicke

        Last year they had an Asian Burger. It was outrageous!

      2. Thanks cgarner! Had a week of staycation that thanks to you included a trip to Dilly's last Wednesday! Chowspouse ordered regular cheeseburgers the first order ( I was outside with the dog) which is also a great burger, so I went in to order a second round and ordered the Dilly Cheeseburger with fried onions - didnt realize it wasn't the lil thing we had first - amazing! Great fries too! (and the puppy liked his regular burger)

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        1. re: Bigley9

          I probably should hav e mentioned that the Dilly burger is not the regular cheeseburger from the menu... sorry 'bout that

          the mister made the same mistake once... just once

          1. re: cgarner

            No need to be sorry - I actually took half of the dilly burger home and pulled it apart the next day, heated what should be heated and put it back together again and while not as good as it was at the picnic table, still a delightful snack!

        2. My apologies, but now you're going to have to wait in line with one more person. I visited Dilly's for the first time yesterday and was thrilled with what I found. This is the summer-only, roadside burger and ice cream stand that I miss so much from my childhood. The Dilly Burger was cooked perfectly and accompanied by crisp lettuce, perfect tomato, and a toasted bun. This isn't the decadent burger that was all the rage in fancy restaurants coast-to-coast a few years back -- this is a good, solid burger at a good price. The curly fries were also fantastic. I think the quality of the meal distracted me from the 100-degree heat (the overhead fans helped, too). Great place -- I will return because it's the perfect stopping point as I drive out to Solebury Farms for apricots and peaches and Manoff Farms for nectarines.