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Apr 14, 2011 09:34 AM

Hellman's dressings

Does anyone know where i can buy this type of dressing in a regular size? I've seen them at Mayrand, but they are for commercial use.

I'm a big fan of the Thai Salad at Everest (i only know of one location, at Halles de la Gare) and I believe the dressing they use for the Thai salad is Hellman's.

I just cant find a good asian dressing ! I tried Renées and it wasn't as good. Forget about Kraft. And i can never seem to find the PC Asian Dressing brand. *sigh*

Finding this dressing would mean I would stop going to Everest once or twice a week and spending 12 $ for a greens. :)

Thank you !

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  1. Try Wafu sauce. You can find that at pretty much any grocery store in the Asian section.