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Apr 14, 2011 09:01 AM

Best restauarnt in Chinon?

Any suggestions please for a good restauarant in the middle of Chinon? Just great French food and a relaxed atmosphere!

Any thoughts appreciated


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  1. Had a very nice meal in a rôtisserie several years ago - L'Daron. Dunno if it's still good.
    Chinon is a lovely town with lovely surroundings. You picked well.

    1. I don’t know about “best” -- and it was a few years ago (yet both are still around) – but we enjoyed, most, "Restaurant Les Annees 30" -- w -- and second, "Hostellerie Gargantua" (in an impressive 15th century building, but the food was slightly less so). – Jake

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        According to our hots at the B&B, Jake found the best place in Chinon, we were unable to get a table the night we wanted to go, the place was booked by a large group. We did experience some fairly mediocre food in 2 places just off the central square.

        However, we did have a wonderful lunch at Auberge a Route D’Or in Candes St Martin (about 20 KM west of Chinon), next to the Church, and set onto the side of a hill, a very small place with beautiful art work. We had the specialty, sautéed eel, very lightly breaded and then sautéed in butter with an incredible sauce and for dessert a chocolate cake that had a molten chocolate sauce center with a crème anglaise. For wine we had a 2007 Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueiel which was quite nice.