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Apr 14, 2011 08:38 AM

elegant vegetarian entree wanted-non pasta

Hi, I'm looking for a vegetarian alternative to serve at my dinner party, where the main course will be lamb. Since my first course is a pasta dish, I do not want to serve pasta twice. Maybe polenta with beans?? I'd prefer make-ahead capability. Spring time fresh ideas! Thanks!

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  1. Maybe an asparagus risotto? I'm not sure if it works when made ahead, but I usually make mine in the oven, so it doesn't require hands-on attention.

    1. Eggplants and lamb are culinary lovers. Were I you, I'd consider some sort of layered eggplant dish like an eggplant tian, musaqqa'a or fatteh. All are full-flavored enough to make for a delicious entree.