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Ginormous Jar of salsa

My hubby bought a ginormous jar of salsa at costco and we have over half the container left. What can I make with this?

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  1. I've made tomato soup with leftover salsa. Muy bueno!

    1. Rick Bayless has a great recipe in his Mexico One Plate at a Time cookbook for Mexican Red Rice that uses 1 cup of salsa. Perhaps you could also use the salsa as a liquid to braise meat or to cook mexican-style meatballs?

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        I make red rice with salsa as well, and we love it. I'm making a batch of that this week to (as prompted by a recipe on Chow) stuff some green peppers.

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          ive used it to braise meat before and i thought it came out really well

        2. I've added salsa to zip up meatloaf.

          1. I like to poach chicken in salsa, then eat as is. I always make enough chicken to have leftovers which are great shredded into tacos or enchiladas. The simmered salsa becomes more sauce like and is delicious served over the chicken. Also great as a condiment for rice.

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              Yes, I've seen many posts on crockpot chicken basically just cooked in salsa and it's pretty good!

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                Well, I have never used a crock pot.... I find a saute pan works quite well.

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                We've done this in the slow cooker, then added in a can of black beans and some frozen corn for the last 30 minutes. It was a hit with the whole family.

              3. salsa fish..
                salsa eggs..
                salsa pasta...white sauce or salsa sauce..
                mix with cheese (any kind) for jalapeno poppers...or stuffed anything...
                salsa bruschetta
                puree with oil for a marinade base

                1. Take a pork loin, butt or shoulder (depending on how lean you want it) cut it up and then lightly brown it and salt and pepper it heavily. Put it in a crock pot and cover it with salsa and let cook all day on low. At the end of the day, use the meat for quesadillas or soft tacos with lettuce, tomatos, cheese, and sour cream.

                  Delicious and easy.

                  You can also do this slow and low on the cooktop.

                  1. Aside for using in cooking, you can freeze it. I don't use salsa a lot, so when I buy a jar and open it it becomes moldy after a few weeks (don't ask me why since it's tomato based), so I've started freezing it in small plastic containers about half cup size (because I only use it for nachos and fajitas). When I want salsa I just take one out and put the contents in a microwave safe bowl and nuke it for less than a minute (just to thaw it out) and it comes out ready to eat.....and no waste.

                    1. Mix with peanut butter and a bit of cayenne pepper and serve over steamed greens. Instant masamba.

                      1. Mix it half-and-half with mayonnaise and slather it on roast beef sandwiches (deli counter, sliced thin).

                        1. I just made chili and put left over pico de gallo in it I had made a few days ago . I'm sure that the salsa would work the same.

                          1. I like to thoroughly smother 1 inch thick salmon steaks with good store-bought salsa and bake them at 350 for about 30 minutes.

                            1. Wow these are good ideas. From the sounds of it. You can add it to just about anything. Never made red rice or braised meats with it.

                              1. If it's fairly chunky, blender it up to make it smoother, than add it to your tomato juice (or even substitute it for the tomato juice) for Bloody Marys.

                                1. My favourite way to use it is for eggs, kind of like eggs in purgatory. But it also works great as a base for soups.

                                  1. Salsa is brilliant with fish Veracruz, or whatever it is I'm about to describe: I like to use use fillets of red snapper (I'm on the west coast), but a flaky firm fish of any kind will do. In an oven-proof pan, saute onions/garlic/shallots in oil, then add julienned, zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, seeded roma tomatoes. Slice some kalamata olives and stir in. Add a half teaspoon of sugar and thyme each, soften the vegetables, add a little dry white wine. Moisten the whole thing with enough salsa to barely cover, slip the fillets underneath and bake in a 365 oven for about ten minutes. During the last 3 minutes or so sprinkle with feta. Very nice with a pasta or orzo or pilaf or such, have some crusty bread handy 'cause the sauce is very good.

                                    1. I don't know if the Costco salsa is a fresh salsa or not, but when I have leftover pico de gallo I cook it briefly, then freeze it for later use as a sauce for tamales.