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Apr 14, 2011 08:33 AM

Sunny side up or poached in the oven?

Hi All,
I'm planning for a dinner party, and I'd love to serve asparagus topped with a poached pheasant egg as an appetizer. Trouble is, I am serving 14, so poaching would make it crazy. Any info on doing eggs in the oven? Could I do them in a water bath in ramekins? If so, how long roughly, and what temp? I saw a recipe for doing a sunny side up egg on mushroom tarts...maybe this is an option too?

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  1. You can poach your eggs ahead of time. You just have to cook them a little less then you cool them in iced water and keep them in water in the fridge. Have a large pot of boiling water to warm them up and there you have it.

    1. I saw a video (maybe from this site) about poaching eggs in plastic (saran wrap). You brushed the wrap with olive oil, then put it in a ramekin. Broke the egg into the lined ramekin, twisted the top of the wrap shut and tied it with twine. Then poached it (or them).