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Apr 14, 2011 08:09 AM

Really, really, really good chicken wings?

Where can I find them?

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  1. We looked long and hard after we moved here to find the best and think that Wilton Wings are the bomb. Buffalo hot! Just enough heat to burn the back of the throat without killing you and a very tasty sauce.

    1428 Northeast 4th Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304-1034

    Wilton Wings
    1428 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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    1. re: DolceFarNiente

      I think I was given a chicken wing in my crib instead of a pacifier - YES, I am a Buffalo, NY native! There are 5 things that constitute a true "Buffalo" wing:

      1) No breading, flour or coating of ANY kind before deep frying (naked)
      2) Must be crispy and juicy, not one or the other
      3) Wings should be lightly coated in butter-based hot sauce, not swimming in it
      4) MILD should be vinegary rather than sweet and HOT should turn your lips white
      5) Traditional condiments of bleu cheese & celery, not carrots & ranch dressing

      Here are the places I've found over 16 years that come close to above:
      1) Duffy's (Plantation) - ask for them naked or you'll get a breaded mess
      2) Fat Lou's (Hallandale) - the mild is a little sweet, but their SIZE make up for that
      3) WingsNAle (Coral Springs) - VERY close, but wings are sometimes small
      4) Uncle Al's (Cooper City) - take 'em to go & make sure to ask them to not OVERCOOK them
      5) Ruby Tuesdays (SW Ranches) - I couldn't believe it either, but the batch I got took me home

      1. re: TheSpiceQuarter

        Almost forgot about these:
        The Field (Dania) - it's an Irish Pub with good wings, that's not just blarney, they're called McCabe's

    2. I've been trying for 10 years now, but nothing I've had can beat the Hot, Grilled Wings at Bru's Room.

      I don't know what they do to them. Believe me, I've tried reproducing - brining, seasoning a million ways, broiling, deep frying, combos of above... and nothing comes close.

      They can be erratic. I think sometimes they may make them in advance when it's going to be busy, and if you get one of those orders, it's not going to be mind-blowing.

      But 7 or 8 times out of 10, these are the best.

      Insider Secret: It's not publicized, but if you like a lot of grill char, you can request "double grilled". There's always a risk these will be a bit TOO dried out, but when done properly, nothing's better than Hot, Double Grilled.

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      1. re: CFByrne

        Must 2nd the Bru's grilled wings. I like mine medium with the sauce on the side, but that's just me. Sometimes I just want to taste the char and not the sauce.

        1. re: CFByrne

          I haven't found a better wing than Bru's Room. Get them with a grilled finish. Bigger sized wings than most places. They have 3 or 4 locations in Broward for you.

          Neither Hurricane Grill nor Duffy's can compare.

        2. Barracuda, Coconut Grove

          1. Where are you?

            Sports Grill (2 in SW Miami area, 1 near Miami Lakes) is a general favorite in Miami-Dade

            Sports Grill
            10005 SW 72nd St, Miami, FL 33173

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            1. re: Icantread

              landlubbers in cooper city on palm and griffin and duffys in north palm beach

              1. re: Icantread

                I'm in Broward but am willing to drive a ways.

              2. A lot of folks also swear by Anthony's Coal FIred Pizza wings. These are tossed in a mixture of carmelized onions (lots), rosemary and some other stuff I imainge, then put in the 800 degree oven, The result is pretty awesome. Totally diff from "Buffalo Wings" for sure. If you never had anything like this and are a wing fan, get them.

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                1. re: CFByrne

                  yes they are very good indeed. Had some yesterday.