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Apr 14, 2011 07:10 AM

Bromont - any suggestion for restaurants?

So...for my boyfriend's bday, we're going up north to Bromont (since it's not too too far away...he hates driving long distance AND does not trust me behind the wheel so can't do much there) and I was wondering if anyone could point out some good restaurants there. Since I'm already paying for the accommodations (THANK YOU Groupon for a good deal haha)...I have around a budget of $70 to work with for both of us for a good dinner. I spent around that much at The Keg last year (yes, I know bash me all you want for bringing him there BUT he wanted to go so bday boy gets his pick, right?) so I guess I'm okay with that budget?

Thanks in advance! We're not picky just as long as it's a decent place to sit down and eat :)

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