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Cheap eats in London

Will be staying near Hyde Park in early May. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. there's loads of threads. A quick search throws up a big list

    1. I like the Paper Tiger in South Ken, it's slop, but comforting slop

      1. In addition to reviewing the "cheap" threads below, go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do a search fur "budget." You will find threads like this one:


        1. If you want a nice pizza go to Franco Manca either in Brixton (only lunch) or Chiswick (both lunch and dinner). For Chinese try either Leong's Legend in China Town or Royal China for Dim sum.
          In terms of sushi, Sushi of Shiori is good and reasonable and for some English food the Harwood Arms is a great place. Hope that helps!

          Royal China
          13 Queensway, Paddington, Greater London W2 4, GB

          Leong's Legend
          4 Macclesfield St, London, Greater London W1D 5, GB

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          1. re: FelixH

            Franco Manca is now open in Brixton for dinner on Thursday to Saturday evenings i believe. Less queuing in the evenings, which is good.

            Sushi of Shirori and Harwood arms are both fantastic restaurants that I would highly recommend but I wouldn't classify them as 'cheap eats'... A main at the Harwood costs around £15.

            For decent yet relatively cheap Sushi, would recommend the Atariya take away (with a few seats) in St James St, or http://www.atariya.co.uk/shops/james_... - this is very much an 'in and out' kind of a place, but the fish is always of a high quality.

            other suggestions in the Area:
            Bonda Cafe, (malaysian) Sussex Gardens, near paddington
            some of the lebanese places on Edgeware Road..
            Iranian place Patogh - 8 Crawford Place - fantastic breads along with grilled meats.
            Gold Mine on Bayswater Road (Chinese, good for Crispy pork and BBQ duck)

            1. re: foreignmuck

              A main might cost £15 there, but it is much better than pretty much any £15 you can spend in London's restaurants. So, I'd rather have a main course there than 3 courses at some less interesting places. But, that's of course up to each on their own.

              As to Shiori, they have lunch deals from £9 onwards. If that's not cheap for the quality you get. Than I don't know what is...

          2. I recall having a nice chinese meal for under ten quid probably closer to five quid at the hare and tortuse near russel square located near the grocery store. Also i remember having a not so good meal by getting some chinese food vendors to go into competition with each other in camedon market. i haggled my general tao chicken down from 3 pounds to a pound fifty. it was not worth it.

            1. How far are you willing to travel and what are your actual budgets? My idea of cheap tends to be 10 pounds less per person than almost anyone else on this board.

              You should be pretty close to Bosphorus which is a good Turkish kebab place. Otherwise you're not in the cheapest area. I take it you're going to be doing the standard tourist trail and in that case you'll likely be close to both the British Museum and Brick Lane. In the case of the former, get a sandwich at Italia Uno on Charlotte Street. As far as a sandwich shop goes, it's not exactly the world's cheapest, but it's very good and the atmosphere is nice (aka Italian football bar without alcohol.)

              If you're near Brick Lane then get beigels if you're going for the mega cheap side of things. If you want to spend a bit more then Needoo or one of the other Pakistani grill places nearby would be worth your while.

              You'd do well to stick to market exploration as part of your itinerary. Borough Market has become more and more skip-able over the last few years. Instead I would recommend the Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane and Brixton Market. Brixton Market has become a foodie mecca. My butcher from first year of uni is now an organic restaurant and the neighboring stall (once a grocer) is now an Italian restaurant. The prices are extremely reasonable given the quality of what you'll eat at virtually every place there. Also, the market in itself is worth seeing and the surrounding area is very interesting (to me at least, though I walk around in shock now at how much has changed in 3-4 years.)

              If you're really serious about traveling to see some areas that are further afield and where the food is extremely cheap then say that,.

              In regards to below posts, Leong's Legend is NOT cheap.

              Leong's Legend
              4 Macclesfield St, London, Greater London W1D 5, GB

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              1. re: JFores

                HOw come it isn't cheap? YOu can eat well there for not much more than a tenner. If you can't call that cheap, then I don't know why you go on a food forum to find a decently priced restaurant, serving decent food.

                THat being said, the Brick Lane Beigel Bake (its written like that) is a nice place and indeed very cheap.

                But that, just as a kebab shop is hardly a restaurant is it?

                1. re: FelixH

                  Because I've consistently found cheaper? I ate out a lot during university and if I was paying 12 pounds per meal it wouldn't have been feasible.

                  Depends on what you regard to be a restaurant. I would rather have pani puri and bhel at the carts in East Ham than 90% of what I could get in Central, particularly if the money for either choice was coming out of my pocket.

                  Also, Leong's Legend only tends to be that cheap if you've got 4-5 people sharing everything. It's definitely closer to 20 quid a head between two people with appetites (which was the case when I ate there.)

                  Leong's Legend
                  4 Macclesfield St, London, Greater London W1D 5, GB

                  1. re: JFores

                    I think Leong's Legends is reasonable if you are just popping in a for a basket of xlb. Last time I went, it was 8 xlb for 5 quid but the quality of xlb was not as great as when they first opened. It depends on the person's appetite. 8 xlb will do me fine for lunch, but might just be an appetiser for someone else.
                    If the OP is based in central London, then she may have to revise her definition of 'cheap', especially if it has to tie in with tourist sights.

                    Leong's Legend
                    4 Macclesfield St, London, Greater London W1D 5, GB

                    1. re: medgirl

                      You can try le montmartre for less than 10 pounds...

              2. I would recommend the bar at St John. Most of the items are around 8GB each (or so). I'm not a fan of the bread product but there are a lot of other great things to taste.
                On a similar note - cheapish, the bar at Pollen Street Social. Amazing prawns.

                St Johns Restaurant
                24 Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool L1 6JB, GB