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Apr 13, 2011 11:43 PM

3 days in madrid - need your comments

hello all, Ventorrillo Murciano
We have 3 full days to spend in Madrid and need your dining suggestions. We have done some research and here are our list. We would appreciate any suggestions, comments. Thanks!

1 night we would like to visit Botin

Dantxari , El Mollete - does these 2 restaurants have similar food? Do you recommend one over the other? Lunch or Dinner?

Mercado San Miguel - When should we visit? I heard that after 10pm, it turns into wine bar. Is it better to go after dinner to have drinks and oyster? or visit mid afternoon?

Taberna de Los Cien Vinos, Casa Lucas, El Tempranillo, Juana La Loca, Txirimiri -Tapa Crawl?

El Ventorrillo Murciano - for paella. Lunch or Dinner?

What is there to do in Salamanca? I heard high end shops? Any suggestions on which part is best for local stores?
Some restaurants that I found: Txirimiri (General Díaz Porlier), El Cantábrico, Cazorla Montesa, Jurucha, BIOTZA RESTAURANTE, La Monteria, El Bocaíto.

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  1. El Cantábrico is a good option in Salamanca if you like crustaceans--just keep in mind that you have to eat standing up a the counter or at the few tables that they have if you get there early enough.

    El Mollete is nothing like Dantxari--El Mollete is a tiny (but very historic) hole in the wall with just a few tables and a cheap menu del día (set menu) at lunch that is vaguely andaluz/traditional Spanish and a location close to the Palacio Real. It's fine, but probably not a spot I would go out of the way for. Dantxari is a Basque restaurant not far from the Plaza de España.

    I usually try to go to the Mercado San Miguel during slighly off hours (late lunch/afternoon snack). It can get very crowded at night. But no matter what time you go if you are patient, observant, and don't mind eating standing up, a space will open up. Some of the food spots do close early (10ish). You could easily hit up the Mercado early-ish and then move on to La Latina/Cava Baja. It's a 5 minute walk away.

    >Taberna de Los Cien Vinos, Casa Lucas, El Tempranillo, Juana La Loca, Txirimiri -

    There are many other tapas bars around this area. Of the ones that you list, I like Txirimiri the best (worth a stop just for their truffle croquetas). El Tempranillo is good for wine by the glass--not a huge fan of their food (though you can never go wrong with a tabla de quesos--cheese plate). Others to look into on the Cava Alta/Baja and Calle Almendro: Orixe, Almendro 13, Taberna Matritum, La Camarilla...

    1. Just got back from Madrid.

      I highly recommend Sudestada, the first visit was Saturday, the day we arrived and had no reservations, it was fully booked so we opted to eat at the bar. <Great caipirinhas, BTW> the food was so good and we enjoyed it so much we returned on that Thursday. A great find.