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Apr 13, 2011 08:57 PM

Restaurant Recs for Mendocino with a toddler?

I've done some searching on the board, but haven't had much luck finding recommendations for casual restaurants that sound like they would be toddler-appropriate. Any suggestions? Primarily interested in dinner recs - we can do winery picnics or sanwiches from the grocery for lunch. So far, it sounds like North Coast Brewing is a possibility (but not sure if I really want to drive all the way up to Fort Bragg - we're staying in Little River). And Lauren's in Boonville or Libby's in Philo.

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  1. We had our son at the Inn at Little River and it was not a problem.
    Are you staying there or somewhere else ? We dined early, with only a few people in the dining room. Food is a bit pricy, but worth every cent.