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Apr 13, 2011 08:01 PM

ISO White Castle style slider buns

Saw a thread here the other day about finding those type of sliders around here (you can't), so I aim to make my own......where can I get slider size buns? Preferably a fluffy soft kind, just like they user at White Castle?

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  1. LaRonga Bakery in Somerville has them

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      I was looking also. I went yesterday and they didn't seem to know what I was talking about, but perhaps it was a language barrier. Were they called anything else besides "slider buns?" Ended up going to Market Basket for Martin's (Johnnie's Foodmaster used to carry Martin's too, but alas they don't seem to anymore).

    2. You can get slider size potato rolls made by Martin's (my favorite choice for burgers) at Market Basket. They are sold as dinner rolls, but perform admirably on a slider.

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        These are what I use when I need White Castle. Steaming the buns on the patties helps, but you knew that ;)

      2. White Castle website lists these places in Mass. where you can buy frozen sliders
        Hannaford Brothers
        Market Basket
        Price Chopper
        Shaws Star
        Stop & Shop
        Get What You Crave there or hop a plane and fly three hours west to Chicago and get them hot!!

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              I have had the frozen (fyi everyone, Roche Bros in W. Roxbury carries them as well!), and they are really not half bad, kind of a guilty pleasure .....but I have got the griddle, so why not make em from scratch says I....those potato ones sound good (I love potato bread), and would probably fit the bill nicely! thanks for the responce!

            2. Trader Joe's has slider buns but they're nothing like WC. They're basically the shape of a hamburger bun only much smaller. I used them recently and was pleased. But, yeah, I buy them by the box here in NoCal.

              Trader Joe's
              1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

              1. Made a test batch last night (6 of em), came out pretty ok. Used the Martin's brand dinner rolls, the size is perfect. One issue was that I thought I had an onion at home but turns out I didn't (oops), fortunately I had a shallot come in and pinch hit, so it was ok, just not enough onion as shallots run small and mild. It's nice how little meat you need, as you make a pretty thin patty, so 6 sliders was only 1/3 of a pound,