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Apr 13, 2011 07:01 PM


Looking for some fun and interesting smoothies to try. My foraging range is New Hope/Lambertville, Bluebell/Plymouth Meeting or Lansdale/Sellersville but might venture into Philly. I'm desperate!
My friend's spring fever has taken the form of a smoothie craze and he keeps making them for me!!! I have had this week a strawberry and pea smoothie, a blueberry and onion smoothie and a strawberry and spinach smoothie. The strawberry and pea smoothie was quite refreshing, I don't really want to talk about the blueberry onion concoction, but the strawberry spinach smoothie was yummy. Popeye would be proud.
I suggested we try what other places are making so we hit Montgomery Mall tonight and tried two different ones from the food court. From Orange Julius we got the three berry smoothie and from the smoothie place we got the acai and pom with banana smoothie. We liked the Orange Julius one better but the other one was probably healthier. It was a very unappealing color so it had to be healthy right?
I remember back in the day reading in the sunday comics The Strange World of Mr. Mum or something. In the end panel he always got a weird concoction from the Health Juice Bar. My life is becoming Mr. Mum's! Save me my chowhounds from the blueberry onion smoothies with some great recs! Oh no! I can hear the blender whirling in the other room!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I think Down to Earth Cafe in Perkasie does smoothies. On N 5th St in the Giant Shopping Center

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      Thanks teddy! We tried a fruit smoothie at the food court at Assi Plaza and it was not bad. We were at Assi stocking up so my friend could make his latest creation, a pear, ginger and parsley smoothie.

    2. Try Bryn and Danes in Horsham and Arnold's Way in Lansdale Arnold makes smoothies as well as fresh juices and tons of healthy/raw/organic stuff but you MUST try a banana whip! It is like ice cream made entirely of fruit! They use a special machine to combine frozen bananas with pretty much anything you want to create an amazing treat.

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        I always forget about Arnold's Way! Might head over there today, thanks for the recs Ambler.

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          Have been to Arnold's Way twice now AmblerRambler. The first time my friend and I split a Green Force which was very good. I made a lot of star wars jokes. Went back today and Arnold himself made us Green Smoothies and my friend also got a waldorf salad.
          I sat on the comfy sofa to enjoy my smoothie because I wanted to be near the huge banana plant growing near the window. Someone there has a green thumb! I kept stealing bites of my friend's salad. It was yummy. Afterwards I noticed I had plenty of energy to navigate Costco, usually an exhausting experience.
          Thanks again for steering me to Arnold's, my friend is planning on eating his way through the entire menu and even signing up for a course there. He likes the cozy atmosphere. Me, I am having way too much fun imagining Godzilla or something attacking Lansdale and Arnold turning into the Terminator and saving us all!

          1. re: givemecarbs

            Great visual! Arnold is such a character, I can totally see it! Glad you and your friend are enjoying :) Going forward I'm going to have to stop there prior to any Costco venture as it is always exhausting, thanks for the suggestion!

            1. re: givemecarbs

              Invest in a Vitamix blender and you can make all the smoothie concoctions you can imagine. Including the banana whip treat.

              1. re: Displaced California Foodie

                Displaced, my friend and I have been talking about splitting the cost of one next time the demo man hits Costco. Think I will get a banana whip tomorrow, those things are famous.
                My friend and I went back today and split a coco smoothie. Again. very tasty. My friend also got a special humus platter and I got to try it. It is not on the regular menu. Very good.
                I try to go to Arnold's when my friend and I have time to sit and enjoy the food and the cozy ambiance. I hope they get done with the madison parking lot soon, because if it wasn't for the machinery visible out the large back window it would be easy to imagine myself in another time and place. A small village perhaps, where people come to visit the herbalist and seek advice to cure what ails them. Today there was a man who drove from New York to see Arnold and yesterday someone was there who just returned from Miami FL who told Arnold a woman selling produce in Coconut Grove knew Arnold well.
                It feels like I have been visiting a parallel universe right in Lansdale where time flows differently and everyone is nice.

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  If you buy a Vitamix, do some research first before just buying from Costco. My SO has been going to Arnold's for probably 5+ years. He took many classes there and joined in many a potluck. He drinks a green smoothie almost every day. He bought one VMix for home from Arnold and when he started traveling to a job in another city, I bought one from Costco for his travel apt too. The VMix are definitely different and he prefers the one from Arnold. I don't believe the cost differential was that significant, although it's been 5 years that we've owned these. His one comment is Vita-Mix now sells BPA-free carafes for some (if not all) of the blenders so check out which carafe comes with whatever you buy.

                  1. re: cook262

                    Thanks cook262! Costco used to have an awesome return policy but they may have gotten stricter on certain items. Right now my friend is using a restaurant quality blender that my mom bought years ago, probably from the restaurant supply place in Allentown where she bought all her stuff for her bar. We both like it that it is glass instead of plastic. If the price is not that different I'd rather support a local business. Especially since I heard Arnold say yesterday that his car caught on fire!
                    My friend wants to attend a potluck but he will probably just pay the money rather than bring a dish as he is still very new at this way of eating.
                    So for me banana whip from Arnold's and then Smoke Daddy's good friday fish fry! Woot!

                    1. re: givemecarbs

                      SO didn't dislike the Costco one enough to return...just prefers the other one...don't think he even can say why...differing motor speed maybe? just a guess. Glass would be preferable but at least when we were looking VMix didn't have glass (and don't think they do today)...SO also usually pays the fee for the potluck. Easier for us and it gives Arnold some extra business.

                      Enjoy the banana whip and Fish Fry!

                      1. re: cook262

                        Thanks cook262! My friend and I got a special banana whip today, banana creme pie or something, and some nachoz that were tasty and had a generous amount of avocado on them, which I love! And they were sampling chocolate moose pie as well. Sampling, it's not just for Costco anymore! Now onward to da fish fry!

          2. I second Down to Earth Cafe in Perkasie!