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Apr 13, 2011 07:00 PM

Looking for Spanish breakfast pastry

are there any Bakeries that make Spanish breakfast pastries? la Sultana in Eastie? I have clients coming from Madrid.

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  1. My recommendation, as someone who has spent a LOT of time in Spain: Don't even try. There is nothing here that is even close. Anything in Eastie is South or Central American and bears NO resemblance to similarly named things from Spain.

    Hit one of the good Bostonian bakeries and offer them the BEST of what we do have to offer here in Beantown.

    Don't mean to direct this to you in particular, but it always mystifies me why SO Many folks, when they have visitors from elsewhere, want to offer them a local version of their own food that will NEVER stand up to scrutiny.

    What you'll end up with is some Madrileños smiling amongst themselves and saying: "This is the worst ensaimada (or fill in the blank) I've ever had."

    When folks visit they generally want to try the BEST of what WE have to offer, not poor facsimiles of their own cuisine. Trying to offer them a version of there own food is almost always a recipe for trouble...

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      I generally agree with SG on this. If nothing else will do, you might try the market beside Estragon (Harrison Ave, South End). I've not tried it but popping my head inside revealed an OK selection of things imported from Spain.

      1. re: gourmaniac

        Las Ventas (next to Estragon) has excellent imported Spanish shelf-stable groceries and deli items (e.g., real jamón ibérico de bellota at $150/lb) but they don't make pastries. Tremendous sandwiches.

        But I completely agree: why would you travel here from Spain and then try to find foods that are going to be 100 times better back home?

      2. re: StriperGuy

        I have to agree with this also, unless the OP's clients specifically requested spanish pastries. I frequently have business guests from Japan, and they ALWAYS appreciate that we take them out for a nice steak dinner instead of subjecting them to sushi. Seriously, they'd rather go to Longhorn.

        1. re: myladyfae

          Probably wise advice although if a reasonable version existed of something that we do well that they would like, perhaps Churros hidden among the hotel catering? I have been striking out at local bakeries lately.

          1. re: EATTV

            a tad off season, but try a local farm that does good cider donuts? The taste combination would probably be favorable to a spanish palette, while still being wholly new england.

        2. re: StriperGuy

          yeah, la sultana in east boston is a colombian bakery

        3. Heck, head to Verna's or Ohlin's or Linda's or Kanes, or that place in Eastie and get some great American donuts.

          That will put a smile on their faces for sure.

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          1. re: StriperGuy

            the place in east boston is betty ann food shop. they have awesome jelly donuts

          2. it's a drive but, there are a couple of good Spanish bakeries, for pastry, in Lawrence.

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            1. re: treb

              Yes, but they are likely Dominican, Puerto Rican, or South American NOT Spanish from Spain.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                I totally agree with SG .Try getting a whole Kringle from The Danish Pastry House in Somerville around Powderhouse sq. A delicious croissant like bread filled with almond paste .