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Apr 13, 2011 06:35 PM

Fast Food Fries That Actually Taste Good?

Is this possible, anywhere? The only fast burger I even like is In N' Out, which I give a good B+/A- to. (Please, let's not turn this into another INO bashing post, when there's already two or three on the front page alone!) But their fries are baaad. I've ordered them well done, and that made things even worse. I've read you can order them 'light' but I don't know...

Other than INO, everyone else's fries are similarly disappointing, at least in my opinion.

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  1. I was out on the road yesterday and had been up since 4, so I stopped into a Wendy's at 10:30 am for breakfast/lunch. I was the first customer in the store that day and they dropped the fires in for me and I asked them tokeep them in a little longer than normal. Came out hot, fresh and crispy. The bst fries I have ever had at a fast food place.

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      I was out yesterday a friend a ride to Wendy's @ 4:30PM. Having not had the new version of the fries, I asked him to pick me up a buck value size for me to try. He said they came right out of the oil......they were hot, but not real crispy. The sea salt was better than the the old table salt used. overall, I would rate them very good.

    2. McD's is still the king of french fries in my opinion. Nobody even comes close (fast food, anyway)

      1. McDonald's is the relative standard for me. I put fries into 4 categories:

        Better than McDonald's
        Par with McDonald's
        Below McDonald's
        Awful (At or borderline inedible)

        Of course I put McDonald's at #1 among the chains. What gets me is how few come close to matching their fries. I often wish that (most) places that serve fries would just copy McDonald's and tweak it with their personal flair, but most places just seem to do their own thing and the result is almost always below McDonald's or awful. I always pause for a moment whenever I get limp/soggy fries, wondering, "This isn't hard or expensive, so what the hell is wrong with this place?"

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          I agree. As far as chains go it is hard to be McDs for fries (unless you get a batch that wasn't salted) I mean... what's the point of that?

          1. re: Firegoat

            McDonald's fries almost always come out with way, way too much salt. I don't eat at McDonald's often, but I have usually requested them with no salt so I can control the amount by salting them myself. REQUEST DENIED in all cases, it seems the chain enforces standard processes that include shaking salt over each new batch of fries immediately after they are dumped from the fryer. Or so a couple of franchise owners have insisted to me. Much of the time they are so drastically oversalted I don't finish even a small order of McDonald's fries. Ugh, what a waste.

            1. re: Dan D

              The franchisees you asked are liars. My M-I-L orders no salt FF at McDs regularly, and as I drive Miss Daisy, I know. The local McDs are owned by 4 different franchisees. They all will make no salt, but tell the custyomer they have to wait until the fries in the holding tray are gone. They clean the holding tray, fry a new batch, dump in the tray, then serve the no salt, then salt the rest of the holding tray. They'd rather not do this at it is timne consuming and costs for tthe extra labor, BUT they do it anyway.

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                That's weird. It must be a deviation from the standard procedure. I always order "No Salt Fries" at the McD's in California. The employee taking my order immediately leaves the counter and drops a fresh batch into the fryer and then returns, so I always get fresh, hot fries. It is the best!

          2. Del Taco has the best, IMO. they are krinkle cut and when they are fresh out of the fryer, they are heaven.

            i do not like the new Wendy's fry. i have tried it twice and it is just so bad.

            1. I've had great success with Five Guys fries. In fact, several times the fries and a drink are all that I order there, skip the burger. They are fresh cut and fried to order in peanut oil. Usually if the store is not overwhelmed with customers they will gladly customize the order. I ask for extra crispy and lightly salted or no salt (so I can salt them myself without overdoing it), and they have always been wonderful fries, close to some of the best fairground fries in my experience.