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Apr 13, 2011 06:12 PM

Anyone been to the Thai festival near Lansing

Supposedly there is a Thai festival at the Buddhist Monestary with good food. I think Its this Sat.
Anyone been there. What time does it go to?

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  1. - Have not gone but I will be in Okemos this

    1. Sounds similar to the Sunday food markets at the Midwest Buddhist Meditation Center in Warren. If it's anything at all like the events in Warren, I'd highly recommend you make the time to go.

      The Warren info:

      This year's Warren market dates:
      - 22 May
      - 5 and 19 June
      - 24 July
      - 7 and 21 August
      - 4 and 18 September
      - 2 and 23 October