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Apr 13, 2011 05:51 PM

website menus in pdf format...

is it just me or is any one else annoyed by websites that use pdf formatting for posting menus online?

or are we just stuck with it?

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  1. Not at all
    At least I can read it
    On my iPad

    Those silly flash

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    1. re: alwayscooking

      i dont have an ipad...
      nor do i ever plan on buying one...

      1. re: srsone

        Whatever works for you . . .
        The few million others though get annoyed

        1. re: alwayscooking

          i generally do my surfing at home..with my pc.

          i do my restaurant picking before going out and the occasional online ordering for take out..

          yes flash sites and annoying doodads and geegaws (technical terms) just take away from my main goal
          of finding the place...
          checking the menu ahead of time...(with a 3 yo i usually check for kids menus or at least something she would like to eat)
          hours of operation...

          i not so concerned with what ways people are accessing the,ipad,tablet,windows phone,laptop, whatever...

          hopefully this discussion can reveal a good website design that would make everybody happy...

          1. re: srsone

            I think it's just to avoid Flash—I do my research at home, too, but a lot of times I need to get information while I'm on the road. ("Meet us at Cafe MeatyYummers! It's... uh... it's downtown... it's... damn it, why is this in Flash? Hang on, let me check Yelp.")

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              i usually send the addy to my phone..
              but my phone (not an iphone either :-P ) also has navi with a pretty decent search function...

              but yes yelp mobile is much better at finding restaurants than most sites...

      2. re: alwayscooking

        Well, the Flash vs iPad is a Steve Jobs' phobia, though it is driving much of that industy.

        Flash is fine for reading online, so long as one is not using one of Jobs' recent offerings, but printing the menu out, leaves a lot to be desired.

        Give me a PDF, and I can enlarge it, search it, print it, or just read it, as is.


      3. I really prefer the .pdf format. Much easier to print, if I need.

        1. I prefer them in pdf. That way I can save a copy for easy reference and ordering. I can even print a copy and put on the fridge.

          1. Sort of agree with other posters, why does it annoy you ?

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            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Because it comes as a downloadable file. How freaking hard is it to push the content into HTML so it'll render in my browser properly.

              1. re: jgg13

                I've been having a hard time with PDF lately. sometimes all I get is a black page and a blue line inside a horizontal grey bar.

                1. re: jgg13

                  If you change your menu daily then you:
                  Print the menus and save to PDF and then upload the file. Or reformat everything into HTML and CSS which takes a lot longer.

                  I like that a PDF menu will usually have prices.

                  I dislike when a PDF spawns a new page especially if you are NOT on a smartphone. Lazy design imnsho. Trust that the user knows how to get back to the previous page.

                  Sadly some phone OSs are just nor great with PDfs but they'll catch up.

                  1. re: MplsM ary

                    It should take nearly no extra time for someone to put something into HTML. It's not rocket science. Even if the menu changes daily they could have someone spend the 2 minutes a day it takes to do that.

                    1. re: jgg13

                      What is it with HTML. Why are you having problems with PDF, when most folk are not?

                      Are you on DOS 3, or something?


                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        I've explained it in multiple posts in this thread, feel free to read around. For the record, I'm an advocate of having both.

                        1. re: lseavey

                          agreed in <b> </b>! That's complete nonsense

                          1. re: lseavey

                            Suppose today the ribeye special for $23 becomes a strip steak for $20. How long would it take them to change the phrase "ribeye special $23" to "strip steak $20"? Depending on the situation, they wouldn't even have to change the markup

                      2. re: jgg13

                        I use IE 7, and Google Chrome. I also have Adobe Acrobat reader and Acrobat Pro. Never had any issue with PDF's, and do not need it to be in HTML. PDF's display perfectly, and I have total control.

                        Which browsers do you have an issue with?


                        1. re: Bill Hunt

                          Tell me, in which browser do these PDFs render as part of the overall site - IE not as a downloadable file, loading a new page and/or tab, etc, and are as compact in size as an HTML page would be?

                          For the record, I use Chrome, Safari and various versions of FF on multiple flavors of unix as well as OSX.

                          1. re: Bill Hunt

                            iPhone, iPad... if the file size is too large (then most mobiles will just take forever).

                            1. re: noeltock

                              I've run into this very thing before. Out in the middle of nowhere, crap connection, and the place has a 5MB PDF instead of about 30K of HTML. Thanks guys.

                      3. If it's well done I don't mind it, as it's easy to read, easy to print out, and genuinely portable. I much prefer that to something that involves massive amounts of Flash video that only work on specific operating systems and browsers.