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Apr 13, 2011 05:50 PM

Your Last meal in Detroit Metro?

If you were moving away from Michigan where and what would your final meals be?

I've already been to Supino and gotten some bread from Avalon.

2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

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  1. depends where you're moving to!


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    1. re: donbui82

      True...especially if we are talking BBQ. :)

      I might say Mudgie's for a sandwich, a bowl of soup, a Fudgie Mudgie and a bottle of Faygo. Greg Mudge is a great guy and he does these simple things very well!

      I do take it we are talking in Detroit Proper and not the Suburbs too.

      1300 Porter St, Detroit, MI 48226

        1. re: interplanetjanet

          I think I may stand by this even if I included the subs. Too me...Mudgie's feels like home.

    2. Middle Eastern food. Do you have a favorite?

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      1. re: tokyo

        for me my overwhelming favorite it pita cafe in oak park. i love their tiny home made pitas

      2. I'm with Tokyo, I'd say Middle Eastern! I have found it to be the one thing that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else in the US. I'd follow the meal up with baked goods from Shatilla! Then pack yourself a box of all the yummy MI products you can't find anywhere else. Faygo, Sanders, and Better Made. Crazy but one thing I really missed when I was living outside of MI was Olgas. I am totally addicted to their bread!

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        1. re: Jack Freeman

          funny you mentioned Olga's... this might be a little low brow of me to confess but i love snackers and will really miss them when im living elsewhere. i might also want a plain cupcake from holiday market...

          1. re: Jack Freeman

            amen to Olga's and Middle Eastern in general in Detroit...the best!

          2. Any veal dish from the menu at Bucci (GPW).
            A plain hamburger with raw onion at Eastgate Pub.

            Eastgate Bar
            26449 Gratiot Ave, Roseville, MI 48066

            1. Always liked your handle! Have to agree on the Middle Eastern—once I get more than 35 miles from Detroit I'm usually disappointed in the Middle Eastern food. Eat your way through Dearborn and the nearby towns.

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              1. re: Jim M

                I'd go to La Marsa for middle eastern food. It's delish! Grand River and Drake in Farmington Hills. Congrats on your move to Baltimore. Talk about good food!