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Pizzeria Bianco‎ - wait?

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I heard the line at Pizzeria Bianco‎ is crazy long. Would I be able to put my name down, leave and then come back? If so - how long do I usually have until I return and is there anyplace to go at night downtown while I wait?

Pizzeria Bianco
623 E Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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  1. What night are you thinking about?

    Good luck,


    1. This is a common question, and most of the answers that have been given, over the years, probably still apply.

      1. Chris just started opening all day that should help!
        I told him I just used to go to NUbuo for apps, then a beer at the English pub, then my pizza. He laughed and was looking forward to people being able to come by in the afternoons.

        1. A friend and I tried to go last Saturday evening and were told there was a three hour wait. Another friend and I were able to walk in after the Diamondback's game Friday night and were seated immediately. I am a long-time fan of Bianco, and it's still very good, but the Rosa I had wasn't the to die for pie it was when Chris made it. I thought the Spedini was missing the magic too, but my friend absolutely loved it.

          1. Went last weekend during lunch and waited 20 minutes. Pizza and apps all up to par from previous visits, although it wasn't as fun without the line and the anticipation...

            1. Went today for lunch at 11:30. Seated immediately as 3 of the 10 tables were empty as was the bar. Hadn't been there in 15 years. Loved it had the Rosa. The parking guys though said that they had never seen it so slow ever so today may have been an aberation or just the start of summer.

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                I think it might be the fact that people are tiring of this place due to overhype and the fact that the pizza is now one of many good to great pizza places and not the dynamo it used to be. The location is not all that good if you are in the east valley, west valley or up north. We won't go back as MSO has banned this place from our rotation. I don't miss it.

              2. We were thinking about going at around 9 PM as the baseball game was finishing up last Saturday- for 4 people, we were quoted an hour and a half wait, probably shorter for the bar. We passed, but that wait is definitely less than what I expected to hear from them. I haven't been in over 5 years, and I'm eager to get back and see if it's still as good as I remember- we went to Pomo the other night, which was fantastic, but I missed that crispy Bianco crust...

                1. We waited 4 hours on a Saturday night when I went and did not think the pizza was that great. Definitely did not live up to all the hype.