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Apr 13, 2011 04:36 PM

Is ok to dunk?


Let's say you are at a nice restaurant (whatever "nice" may mean to you), is it ok to dunk the bread into your soup?

Let's say you get plated a nice bowl of tomato bisque and it's paired with some crostini. Ok to dunk the crostini into the soup before taking a bite of the crostini?

Or must one take a spoonful of soup and then a bite of undunked crostini (or vice versa, whatever tickles your fancy)?

  1. I dunk. They are served together, why not eat them together?

    1. Depends on the restaurant and my companions. If I'm at a fancy, conservative restaurant for business, then no dunking. If I'm with friends and family and it's a less stuffy place, sure. One of my favorites at Alan Wong's in Hawaii is the soup and sandwich (perfect tomato soup with an awesome kalua pig grilled cheese sandwich) - you bet I dunk that sandwich!

      1. I do bite-size pieces. Nothing like dunking into clam or mussel sauce. What I have problems resisting is picking up the bowl and downing the remaining liquid (not really).

        1. as long as you don't stick the scalding soup-laden crostini in the eye of someone at the next table, you're ok

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          1. re: thew

            That image has had me chuckling for a few minutes now. Thanks!

          2. I would eat it however I want to regardless of what Miss Manners or anyone else thinks about it. I am paying them to enjoy my meal and if that involves dunking, then so be it.