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Apr 13, 2011 04:29 PM

How often do you drink at lunch during the work week?

I'm just wondering if other posters on Chowhound like to take a drink at lunch.

The reason I'm asking is that among my co-workers, only myself and one other person I sometimes eat lunch with has a drink at lunch. For me, it's a beer or two. If I had more than that or had a couple of cocktails I'd have trouble doing my job well after lunch. My occasional lunch companion drinks beer or wine and he always drinks alcohol when we have lunch together -- I get the impression he has a drink at lunch every day. I drink at lunch sometimes, not all the time.

I'm wondering if it's just my circle of friends/co-workers, the city I live in (L.A.), or what?

So, to repeat the question:

Do you drink at lunch during the work week? If so, what and how much do you drink? Does it matter if your lunch companion is drinking or if you're alone?

I guess that's more than one question.

Interested in hearing the responses.

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  1. Never--- although I would love to. I find that drinking at lunch says vacation to me and I have trouble being productive the rest of the day. Also, my wine with dinner is my treat to myself for making it through the day and it just wouldn't have the same feeling if I had drinks at lunch.

    Vacation is an entirely different story!

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    1. re: baseballfan

      For me, a beer at lunch totally depends on where I eat.

      Like I said in the OP, I eat lunch in a couple of different bar and grills near my office and get a burger or a steak sandwich -- bar food. And something about a burger or steak sandwich just suggests draft beer, not soda pop or iced tea.

      Oddly, if I go for Japanese at lunch, I rarely order a Sapporo (only if I'm with my one friend who drinks at lunch) -- a pop or plain water seems to suffice.

      So, I guess for me it's not about the relaxing nature of having a drink, it's more the right beverage for certain types of food.

      1. re: baseballfan

        Never, not allowed. OTOH my husband who works in finance/banking does every day, sometimes a lot - apparently you have to please the clients... !!?

        1. Wow. If I am going back to work, never. I am always surprised when a lunch companion orders a drink.

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          1. re: akq

            I sometimes feel people are surprised when I order a beer at lunch, too. In fact, every once in a while I've had a companion order their soft drink then after I order a bottle of beer they switch to a beer. It's almost as if once I ordered beer it was okay for them (even though they were seemingly surprised when I did it) and they figured they'd have one, too.

            I'm not old enough to know if times have changed, but when I was a kid my dad was part of the two martini lunch crowd (he didn't drink -- still doesn't drink -- his co-workers did).

            1. re: PaulF

              Paul, What industry do you work in? I live in LA also and now work at a corporate office of a MFG firm, and nobody drinks here during lunch - ever. Prior to this job I worked in downtown at a couple of banks, and most people did drink during lunch, particularly the older employees. So I think it depends on the industry.

              1. re: stopurmakingmehungry

                I'm a lawyer based in LA and definitely saw people order drinks at lunch, although not all that regularly.

          2. Never in a million years did I or anyone I worked with have a beer or other alcohol at lunch, much less two.

            1. I never take a drink at lunch. Multiple drinks? Yes.

              It does not matter if I am alone. I like beer regardless.

              It does matter if my lunch companion is not drinking, especially if I work with said companion. This rarely comes up.

              Do whatever you want, and whatever your work allows. It's time for America to get over it's passive-aggressive self-aware neurosis re: alcohol. You are at the dawn of a new frontier, which is the same as the old frontier.

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              1. re: kevin47

                Well, my husband used to have a guy working for him that kept a bottle in his desk drawer and who once, sitting at the same table I was at an office party, drank five double whiskeys in about thirty minutes. To each his own.

              2. In my old job, a colleague of mine and I would often have a weizen or two with lunch, especially in the summer. But this was in Germany, where alcohol is less stigmatized/demonized than here, and it's nothing out of the ordinary.

                These days, I'm self-employed, start my day late & don't generally drink till the evening.

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                1. re: linguafood

                  linguafood, I work at the US office of a British company. I know to never expect productivity from my London colleagues after noon GMT on Fridays.

                  Emails often are met with the response "pub.....Friday....."

                  As for me, if I drink at lunch I'm done for the day.