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Apr 13, 2011 04:16 PM

ISO pumpernickel flour in SF

Any leads on a source for this flour?

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  1. I believe I bought something called pumpernickel rye flour at Rainbow.

    1. That's just a name some mills use for rye flour. Does the recipe specify a brand? Different mills use it for not particularly similar products, so depending on the brand you might get coarse whole-grain rye flour or fine polished rye flour with bran added.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I've been looking for something coarser than what I have seen in the bulk bins at Rainbow or Other Avenues. King Arthur calls Pumpernickel Flour the rye equivalent of whole wheat flour and sells their Pumpernickel flour online @ $8.95 for 3 pounds. I think that is too high.

        1. re: wineguy7

          If you want coarse, look for Bob's Red Mill Pumpernickel Dark Rye Meal.

          Rainbow doesn't have anything appropriate in their bulk bins? I'm surprised. You might also check out Lehr's.

          Lehr's German Specialties
          1581 Church St, San Francisco, CA

          1. re: wineguy7

            The Russian stores out on Geary are another possibility.

        2. Rainbow in the bulk section or in 1 lb bags in the flour section, probably at Whole foods as well. You are not likely to find it at Safeway, but stores that carry Bob's Red Mill products probably will have it. Good Life in Bernal Heights, Molly Stone, Canyon Market, that sort of place.