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"Quality Meats"?

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I had made reservations at BLT Prime but someone just suggested Quality Meats, said it was better. Of course I had to come to this board to see what people had to say. I couldn't find any info so started this thread. Anyone been?

BLT Prime
111 East 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010

Quality Meats
57 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

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  1. i had lunch there last week and was glad someone else paid. i can't say it wasn't good, but lunch was overpriced and unexceptional. the "open face" special boasts haricot verts and onion rings as sides. the plate contained exactly TWO string beans and not many more shoestring onion rings. i would have been glad to have four times as much of each. two string beans?? what's the point? for the same price I would have rather been at Seasonal.

    132 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019

    1. My meal was also paid for, so I loved it. I think it's overexpensive for the steaks and if meat is your thing, there are better places. But the appetizers and sides are great. They have a creme brulee corn thing that is delicious and also a very good bone marrow dish. They are more creative than your usual steakhouse, the service is gracious, and the interior is gorgeous.

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        thanks for the replies - I think I'll keep my reservations at BLT Prime but I'm going to check out Seasonal. Have not heard of that restaurant.

        BLT Prime
        111 East 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010

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          Good decision. I like QM's atmosphere ... but I agree, overpriced for the steak for sure. Also no reservations which can be a pain.

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            Quality Meats takes reservations. I think you may be thinking of Prime Meats?

            Had a good meal at QM a couple months back. Can't remember how much the steak cost., but it was very good, and as everyone else has mentioned, the sides were excellent.

            Quality Meats
            57 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

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              Ah yes, my mistake

            2. re: asiansupper

              About the atmosphere; Is it on the noisy (say, Del Frisco), or the quiet side (say, Keen's), would you say?


              1. re: gavspen

                not like keens and more on the modern/active side.

                1. re: rottyguy

                  But you dont have to shout at your dining partner to be heard, one hopes?

                  Thanks again

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                    It's 2 floors. If you're in the center then it's going to be a bit noisy. Ask for something upstairs towards the front and it'll be alright. Also, dependent on when you go. Weekends will be crowded, but earlier in the week not so much.

                    1. re: rottyguy

                      Thanks. Most helpful.

                    2. re: gavspen

                      If you eat in the bar area you may have to shout .. But the filet mignon that I had there was excellent.

          2. quality meats is fine...as long as you avoid their steak.

            beautiful room.

            all of their food is good for a steakhouse but their steak has always been way too lean and flavorless. i only get steak at keens anyways.

            72 West 36th St., New York, NY 10018

            1. i've never been there...what is the vibe like?...do they have good pork chops, lamb, etc?

              1. I had the rib eye for two here recently. Beautiful steak with two huge bones. Served with balsamic mushrooms and onions, which were quite nice and cut through the fat. While not the greatest steak ever, it was gorgeously cooked. Pink in the center. Nice crispy crust. Fatty, in a good way. Gorgeous presentation with whole rosemary branches. But I wished it was more flavorful. I couldn't really taste the "age" in anyway.

                Overall I loved the room and the service. Our server was top notch, gracefully cutting up a very young patron's steak for her, and handling another party's displeasure with their fries being too oily (he to took it off the bill unprompted after they said they didn't want a redo or a new dish). The room is sleek and modern. Filament blubs, meat hooks, mirrors.

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                  I agree, and I think it's a great option if anyone is in the neighborhood. I've been once and had the hanger steak with brandied cherries. I loved it, but with the strong flavor of the cherries I can't really comment on the flavor of the meat as well as the rest of you probably can. I also recall the sides being very good, and really enjoying the bread they start you with. The atmosphere is great, and has a distinctly more "downtown" vibe than most other restaurants in this part of town at this price point, which tend to feel distinctly more "corporate" and off-putting.

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                    I went to Quality Meats for the first time. I went out of convenience. When I walked in , the room was beautiful but I was skeptical as they had cards from their other restaurants. Some of which I hate. Smith and Wollensky, Porcelli and maloney and more. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was extremely friendly, and I wasn't wearing a suit, like most of the customers. The service exceptional. The oysters were fresh and a good selection. Caesar salad was fresh, crisp and good. The steak, which I was worried about, was great. Because I was skeptical, I ordered the filet mignon. I ordered it rare and it came rare, inside, nicely done outside. It was as good as any filet I ever had. The corn creme brûlée was delicious. The little roast potatoes were cooked with some pancetta and were very good. For dessert I had coconut flan, which came with churros and was also good. I was very pleased with this restaurant.

                  2. Had dinner there with a group of 8 and although all of us were in time, we still had to wait and were requested to linger by the bar for 30 minutes before they ushered us to our table. All of us ordered at least a drink each at bar while waiting.

                    Nice modern room that was comfortable, albeit noisy, but nothing that I've seen that shouted out old NYC steakhouse ambiance. Steaks were good, I had the ribeye, but still very much prefer steaks done at Lugers (Brooklyn and LI) and even Morton's.

                    1. Quality Meats is excellent during Restaurant Week as well.

                      1. Really very surprised at these reviews. The boned in rib-eye is the cut to get here and the best steak in the city in my opinion (having eaten most all of the well known steak houses here). I won't comment on the sides or any of the other cuts. Ambience is nice/modern (I prefer old steakhouse feel- ala Keens) but the rib-eye is a must try.

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                          Was just here last night with a large group (12). I'd say 8 of us had the aged bone in ribeye (it's the 'Aged Rib Steak (24oz)' on the menu) and the rest had filet mignon/seared 3 filets. Everyone really enjoyed their food and no complaints. For me, it was as I remembered. The ribeye was well seasoned, seared perfectly on the outside, medium rare inside, and juicy. Topped up with a few bottles of Barolo, creamed spinach, potatoes, and corn creme brule (a tad sweet for me but was well received by others). Walked out at $130pp which was fantastic considering the wine was $100ea and we had 3 bottles and several beers beforehand.

                          The bone in ribeye is really a must try. You'll be hooked :-)

                          1. re: rottyguy

                            im no longer a fan of quality meats. went many times when they first opened and then recently went back this past spring. i found the portions smaller and just an overall sense that they were cutting corners to squeeze out more money.

                            my steak was merely okay. there are much better options for me.

                            1. re: sam1

                              I've only ever gotten the aged boned in rib-eye and it's been great everytime . I can't speak to any other cut there but can confidently say that the boned in rib-eye is solid.