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Apr 13, 2011 03:57 PM

ISO lunch time catering options

I'm looking for a catering firm for simple, economical lunches for a 40 person office - we've had a pretty steady diet of pizza up until this point for our monthly meetings. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm open to all food types, as long as there is so ease in plating individual servings, and there are vegetarian options. Someone had suggested getting a taco truck to come by, and while I know this is popular in SoCal, say, I don't know if it would work here with any of the food trucks. Anyone done anything like this?


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  1. We've had a few lunches catered by this place. Food is fresh and good quality, local ingredients are used.

    1. Roaming Dragon does catering I think (not sure if they'd do it at lunch as it's a peak time for them)

      My work often uses Calhouns' catering for our lunches and meetings. We just go for sandwiches with a couple of fruit and veg plates but they have many more options and plenty of vegetarian items.

      1. I used to work at a small private company where our monthly lunch meeting budget for our team of 40 was $10-15/person including drinks. Although this put us out of the price range of most catering companies, it was amazing what we could arrange with local places. We arranged big pots of curry (family style) from the Indian owners of the coffee shop across the street, burritos from the Taco del Mar, mezze plates from Nuba...if the local lunch places provide lunch within your budget it is likely that they can produce something in large numbers with advance notice. We just had to ask!

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          ls, that is the most economical way we have found also. We do quarterly meetings for about 45 and getting grub from a resto is the way to go. Thai works well, as does Chinese and Indian. We also use actual catering companies to mix it up a little but they are all more expensive.