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Apr 13, 2011 03:38 PM

Shippable Goods from France [moved from France board]

Hello everyone,

My mom and I were supposed to take a girl's trip to France this year, which is probably no longer happening due to her job being cut. So, for Mother's Day, I wanted to get her something from France, like cheese or chocolate (or both!) and my questions are 1) if there are cheese and chocolate shops that will ship their items to the United States and 2) if so, can you recommend any?

thank you all in advance!

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  1. la masison du chocolat has 2 stores in NY, is the real deal, shipped in from France 2 times weekly, they have a free shipping special in progress now EASTER11 when you check out on their website, no need to deal with having to get something sent all the way from France.

    1. Sorry about not making the trip. We have found that visiting France outside of Paris is less expensive than vacationing in California, if you have airline miles. Plus the wine and food is more to our liking in the French Country side.

      I am on a mailing list out of CA that looks interesting for French staples:;

      1. Another item you might consider is French Champagne. Many brands are actually sold at better prices in the US because of the volume sold here. For Mother's Day and other gifty occasions, I've given half and quarter bottles along with other items to make a nice gift basket