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Tandoor House of Kabob-Taylor Ave (Parkville)

Has anyone been to this place? It just opened right across from Pappas. I was happy to ignore it and then I realized they deliver!!

If no one can report on it, we'll have to give it a go on Saturday and I'll update.

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  1. I got carryout one time. Pretty decent. Mostly kabobs. More middle eastern than Indian. The lamb and chicken were both very tender and tasty. They claim to use organic meat which is important to me. I would go back, but would not make this a destination type place.

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      Thanks jfish. If it's better than average AND it delivers, it sounds like a winner for me.

    2. Any relation to the other "House of Kabob" in Parkville?

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        The Parkville one is Persian...have had good lamb kabobs there also...

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          If you Think house of kebob is good,,!!!!!!!!! Try Tandoor,,,,,,The Gyros are huge, the hummus was very tasts, fairly inexpensive,Worth the wait for the fresh made food. The combination platters are wonderful & Best organic food, money can buy!!!
          Very good kabobs. Highly recommended. that,s it.period.

        2. My husband and I have been twice. Its great! The 1st time we went, the place had only been open for a week and was bare bones but the food and service were outstanding. We were just there again today, and there have been many updates to the decor since. Now the food! I got the chicken kabob again, and it was tender and tasty both times with a huge serving of rice. The hubs got a gyro today and I must say that neither he or I have ever seen a gyro this big! I'm not kidding, it was the size of my forearm! The bread was made fresh on the spot in the tandoor oven. We're very happy that we live right down the street from the Tandoor.

          I've been to the House of Kabob on Harford, and I totally prefer Tandoor. First, parking is not a hassle at Tandoor because you just pull up to the building, no on street stress. Second, the service is 110% better at Tandoor. Danny (the owner) is totally awesome. And third, the product is a higher quality, put out with more love. When I went to House of Kabob, I felt like I was unwelcome. Not the case at Tandoor! I hope you have a great experience there!

          1. Love this place! Delicious kabobs! You will not be disappointed.
            TANDOOR IS THE BEST.

            1. I'm a bit concerned about the "organic" labeling. I've been searching for halal organic meat in this area forever and never found it. It'll be interesting to see where the owner sources his halal organic meat from.

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                He told me VA. He said the name of the farm, but I can't remember... Sorry!

              2. Going to have to agree with everyone, the food was REALLY good, and MUCH better than the House of Kabob on Harford Rd. I was skeptical about the Organic meats as well, but I talked with the owner and he gave me more info. It comes from a Lebanese butcher in Warrenton, VA, which checks out. Not only that, but he even showed me his log book of deliveries, refrigerator temperatures and even the temp that every freekin' meal comes out. Talk about meticulous. The Shirazi was crisp and the naan was steaming hot and soft, just as it should be. I was also surprised at the tenderness of the lamb, must've been marinated a long time. I'm used to getting really dry, hard lamb at kabob joints, so this was refreshing. The place is BYOB, with no corkage fee, and there's a tiny liquor store right next door. Definitely worth a visit. http://www.tandoorkabob.com/

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                  Wow, didn't even think they could be sourcing from down in Virginia. The Lebanese Butcher in VA sells very high quality Halal meat. Don't recall them being organic, but looks like a road trip is in order. :)

                  Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant
                  109 E Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22046

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                    I stopped by last Saturday for a lamb gyro, but they were out. spoke to the owner for a while...I was greeted so wonderfully when I walked in. I stopped back today and got the gyro to go. It was the length of my elbow to fingers...amazing for 7 bucks and change. Got it home and it was delicious...probably the best I have ever had. It had a wonderful sauce, red onion and lettuce and the lamb was extremely tasty. I could only eat a third of it and ate just a tiny bit of the naan (being carb conscious lately) and it was soft and lovely. I highly recommend...I will be back for the kabobs. PS. The place is spotless inside with lovely damask tablecloths covered with glass and seating for about 25.

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                      Ate there a week or two ago and the kebabs were excellent. I must say the bread was unimpressive, even when hot from the oven (and if not fresh, the bread is really not very good at all).

                  2. While I am skeptical of glowing reviews made by posters who have never previously posted on chowhound, I did have great delivery from Tandoor a few nights ago.

                    We had chicken, beef, and lamb. Each was very tender and well-seasoned. We also shared an order of hummus. The hummus was good, but not exceptional. And we split an order of baklava which I really enjoyed. They had pistachio, walnut and coconut. We went with walnut, but I want to try some of the others. It also seems they have some daily specials.

                    This place beats the heck out of the other delivery options in this area. I encourage others to give it a go....I'd like them to stay open!

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                      Yeah, I'll admit I'm new a new poster on chowhound, but an avid lurker. I too want Tandoor to stay open since it really is one of the best options in the area and its so good!

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                        Add an entry and a menu to Urbanspoon. That'll help!!

                      2. We ate here and carried out two days in a row. Unfortunately, the food doesn't hold up well in travel -- the kabobs get overcooked and bit rubbery. However, this is a problem I also have with most kabob takeout like Maiwand Kabob. My only major gripe is that they don't always make fresh bread. It's still made that day, just not fresh fresh. They fire the tandoor (takes 20+ minutes to heat up), make a bunch of bread, then turn it off. If they are out of bread and you walk in, be prepared to wait 30 minutes. This includes bread for gyros and other sandwiches.

                        We didn't try the baklava because it's ordered in. Here's what we've sampled so far:

                        1) Excellent - rice, bread, cucumber sauce (white), mint sauce (green)

                        2) Very good
                        Gyro - ask for extra sauce on the side
                        Koobideh (beef kabob) - just wanted it a tad bit juicier
                        Healthy burger sandwich - daily special (check facebook), with more "burger" meat and more sauce this would've been excellent, seasoning of the "burger" is different than koobideh

                        3) Good
                        Potato/chicken/egg salad - too eggy at first , but better after sitting a day, had egg shell :(
                        Chicken kabob, lamb kabob - slightly overcooked and needed more seasoning

                        4) Average - olives and grilled veggies that come with kabobs, hummus

                        I really appreciate the passion they have for what they do. We expect to stop by often.

                        1. Maybe this will be useful:

                          Tandoor House of Kabob

                          (410) 665-9966
                          1748 Taylor Ave.
                          Parkville, MD 21234

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                            this place was soooo good. It was hard to believe I was eating ethnic food in Baltimore County good. Please keep patronizing this restaurant so it will stay around for a long long time.

                          2. Finally made it here tonight and agree with much of what's been posted here. The owner, Daniel, is a gem: warm and funny, and obviously passionate about his food. The place is simple, but warm. And, they played some tourist bureau-y loop with scenes of Iran that made us want to hop the next flight to Tehran.

                            From this thread--and from talking to Daniel-- kabobs are the thing the order, and we did order a chicken kabob sandwich (and Pam's description about it being as big as your forearm was spot on--also, like Pam, I was really craving a gyro and they were out). The chicken was juicy and tender. The standout, however, was the okra and beef stew. Now that it's stew weather, we plan to try several others, especially the pomegranate and walnut, and the mushroom. The stew came with some of the best rice I've had.

                            I really wasn't crazy about the bread, even though it came just out of the tandoor. That said, the sesame seeds sprinkled on it was a nice touch.

                            The place in BYOB, and inexpensive. There's a dearth of Middle Eastern and kabob places in the area, so we think we'll find ourselves there often.