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Apr 13, 2011 03:37 PM

Tandoor House of Kabob-Taylor Ave (Parkville)

Has anyone been to this place? It just opened right across from Pappas. I was happy to ignore it and then I realized they deliver!!

If no one can report on it, we'll have to give it a go on Saturday and I'll update.

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  1. I got carryout one time. Pretty decent. Mostly kabobs. More middle eastern than Indian. The lamb and chicken were both very tender and tasty. They claim to use organic meat which is important to me. I would go back, but would not make this a destination type place.

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      Thanks jfish. If it's better than average AND it delivers, it sounds like a winner for me.

    2. Any relation to the other "House of Kabob" in Parkville?

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        The Parkville one is Persian...have had good lamb kabobs there also...

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          If you Think house of kebob is good,,!!!!!!!!! Try Tandoor,,,,,,The Gyros are huge, the hummus was very tasts, fairly inexpensive,Worth the wait for the fresh made food. The combination platters are wonderful & Best organic food, money can buy!!!
          Very good kabobs. Highly recommended. that,s it.period.

        2. My husband and I have been twice. Its great! The 1st time we went, the place had only been open for a week and was bare bones but the food and service were outstanding. We were just there again today, and there have been many updates to the decor since. Now the food! I got the chicken kabob again, and it was tender and tasty both times with a huge serving of rice. The hubs got a gyro today and I must say that neither he or I have ever seen a gyro this big! I'm not kidding, it was the size of my forearm! The bread was made fresh on the spot in the tandoor oven. We're very happy that we live right down the street from the Tandoor.

          I've been to the House of Kabob on Harford, and I totally prefer Tandoor. First, parking is not a hassle at Tandoor because you just pull up to the building, no on street stress. Second, the service is 110% better at Tandoor. Danny (the owner) is totally awesome. And third, the product is a higher quality, put out with more love. When I went to House of Kabob, I felt like I was unwelcome. Not the case at Tandoor! I hope you have a great experience there!

          1. Love this place! Delicious kabobs! You will not be disappointed.
            TANDOOR IS THE BEST.

            1. I'm a bit concerned about the "organic" labeling. I've been searching for halal organic meat in this area forever and never found it. It'll be interesting to see where the owner sources his halal organic meat from.

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                He told me VA. He said the name of the farm, but I can't remember... Sorry!