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Apr 13, 2011 03:01 PM

General questions about reservations and Easter Week

I've already received excellent advice from CH's on this board on my upcoming trip to Spain. I have 2 questions which I can't seem to find answers to, so I need to pick brains again....

1] Are reservations necessary in Madrid & San Sebastian for non-Michelin restaurants, especially if one is eating during the week and/or we eat before 10 p.m.? It's getting down to the wire and I'm hard pressed to make choices since every place recommended seems unbelievably tasty/amazing.

2] Are many restaurants going to be closed next week in the north of Spain due to pre-Easter holidays? What about on Thursday before Good Friday? [Generally, not specific restos]. Our time there has been moved up to then.

Thanks all!

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  1. About reservations... it really depends on the place. Right now, with the weather we are having, everyone (literally everyone in Madrid) is out in the streets. If you want to eat outside on a terraza during primetime--particularly on a weekend--you'll need to try to reserve, go early, or be mildly aggressive/extremely patient. Lunch on the weekend also (especially Sunday) often requires a reservation (though not terribly far in advance). For many places, you can even reserve the same day a few hours before. During Semana Santa, much of the city decamps, but many restaurants also close.

    If you are more specific about the places you are interested in going to in Madrid, I can give you a better idea of what to expect.

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      Hi butterfly- thanks for the offer, and sorry I didn't respond; I was already in Spain and my internet access was being tempermental... I've responded on my original question post also.

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        Hi butterfly,

        The Mrs. and I just arrived in Madrid and are settling in.. Any advice as to where to eat today and tomorrow? (Holy Thursday and Good Friday).. Seems like all restaurants are closed! We are staying a little north of the city center, but Museo de Prado is our first stop and would love to grab some tapas in that general vicinity... Any recs would be much appreciated!!! Thanks so much in advance!

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          Oops, I was out of town along with everyone else... Did you end up finding anywhere good to eat?