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Apr 13, 2011 01:34 PM

Alexandria .. or .. Baltimore for our aniversary

My wife and I want to go out for our anniversary this weekend, except that she has a conference in Alexandria. Not really a problem, as I am certainly capable of meeting her there after the conference ends at 5 PM or so, except I don't know any good places to go down there. What I'd be looking for is romantic, not too expensive (entrees under $30), a reasonable selection of vegetarian/fish items. And she is not too enthusiastic about Italian.

If we decide not to do it in Alexandria, we may wait until we get home to Baltimore. I'd also like some suggestions in this line, as we haven't been out to eat too much, aside from some neighborhood joints, and I'm not sure what's new in town that would meet my criteria. So all suggestions, whether in Alexandria or Baltimore, would be welcome.

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  1. We were visiting family last week and had a very nice dinner at The Wharf in Old Town, Alexandria. Mainly seafood, well prepared. Majority of the entrees were 30.00 and under.

    1. In Baltimore, what about Mezze??? It's Mediterranean tapas. The menu has many vegetarian choices, and one of my favorite dishes is their salmon, which melts in your mouth. The dining room upstairs is certainly romantic. My husband and I love to linger over a long dinner there with a carafe of sangria or a bottle of wine (they have a great wine list!). And their desserts are also fabulous.
      Happy anniversary!

      1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231