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Apr 13, 2011 01:04 PM

Zare at Fly Trap open for weekday lunch

It's a bit of a thrill to have a new lunch option near the office, especially one that is touted as healthy, and extra-especially one that's different from the mobbed (mobd) Mixt Greens.

You order at the counter and can either take food to go or eat there. I had the azeri bulgur salad with skirt steak, and the steak seemed cooked to order, medium rare, warm, and juicy. The bulgur had cherry tomatoes, garbanzos, peas, and slivers of almond. No sign of the favas that were promised on the menu but delicious nonetheless. And a piece of grilled mango. It was $12, so more expensive than a basic Mixt greens salad but also a very welcome change.

They also have wraps and soups on the menu. More of the menu on SFGate:

Zare at Fly Trap
606 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Mixt Greens
114 Sansome St Ste 120, San Francisco, CA 94104

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  1. Sardine Wrap; grilled Monterey sardines, marinated white anchovies, grilled cherry tomato, broccoli rabe, walnuts, black garlic spread, spicy bread crumb on lavash $10

    1. Yum! Went there last week and had a delicious lunch. Lentils were super flavorful and delicious. And their baklava's definitely my favorite of any that I've had.

      1. SFEater reported that Zare at Fly Trap will serve its last lunch on Fri 10/7/11. Dinner they will keep.


        Zare at Fly Trap
        606 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107