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Apr 13, 2011 01:00 PM

Lunch at Makoto in the Bal Harbour Shops

We chose Makoto today for our lunch break. We have had dinner there a few times and decieded that it was time to give them a try for lunch.

The seating outside in the back is lovely and private, but for people watching sitting out front is the spot. The interior is very pretty but on a nice day outside is my first choice.

Our friend ordered cheeseburger, yes a cheeseburger and it was as good as any other burger he has had in South Florida!

Now on to the rolls etc.

The vegan steven roll is a fav of ours and were we happy to see it on the lunch menu, marinated veggies rolled with very tasty rice. The eel roll, fatty tuna roll and the smoked salmon tea sandwich with egg salad were all perfect.

Our robata grill choices all pleased. We had the chicken, short rib, which was tender and falling off their bamboo sticks, and the japanese eggplant which is my favorite.

They also offer a bento box at lunch only that has a salad, miso soup, wasabi fried rice and a choice of shrimp, a fliet, salmon or sushi or sashimi. We saved that for next time because we will be back.

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  1. Makoto was outstanding. The fried rice was sensational. The robata short rib was amazing. The sushi stellar. Had a lot more off the menu and didn't find one thing we didn't like. Very impressive and not obnoxiously priced as you would expect for its location.

    1. The sushi was great. Loved the orange clam and oh-toro. Not cheap though...