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Apr 13, 2011 12:52 PM

Di Faras

HI. I was looking to go there with 2 friends. Is it tough to find parking around there on the weekends?

Di Fara Pizza
1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230

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  1. Might be on Saturdays. It's in a Sephardi neighborhood, ergo on Sabbath, since no work is allowed to be done, the cars will probably not be coming and going from the spots. If taking the Q train or B-68 bus to Ave J is definitely a no-go, try looking on Coney Island Ave between Ave. I & K for meter parking.

    1. im fairly certain that midwood meters are the only ones i know of that are not in service saturdays (you do have to pay for them on sundays, i think) for the same reason not a lot of folks are moving their cars (feeding the meter is as forbidden as starting the car). that said if you're willing to walk a few blocks (or circle for a while) ive never had much trouble parking out there.

      1. You could usually park within a few blocks. IMO the parking is not the problem it is the wait... I miss the old days when it was just a local pizza joint.. And BTW it is not really a Sephardi area it is more Hasidic/Conservative Jewish area. The Sephardis are more like Kings Hwy/Ave R area.


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          Sephardi are Spanish? Isn't that the main populace of that branch of Orthodoxi in Midwood? The only conservatives I see are the Lubuvitch owned shops.

        2. Does anybody have the hours for Difara's? I drove by around lunch time on a weekday and found it closed. I thought it might have closed down.

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            First of all, parking is easy on weekends. The meters are off on both Sat and Sun and there are spots to be had within a block. I'd try Ave J to his E.15th St corner and, if all are taken, make a left onto E.15th -- there are usually spots there. If not come around and try again then go to E.16th make a right, another right on Ave K and come back up E.15th toward Ave J.

            His hours are getting fewer and fewer. DiFara is now totally closed on Mon and Tues and he sometimes doesnt open until after the posted 1pm opening time on the other days. He also closes for 2 hours in the evening (4-6pm'ish?).

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              They take a mid-day break for about 2 hours after the last lunch pie is done, which shifts around dependent upon demand.


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                and if your weekday, knarwhite, was a monday or tuesday then it wasnt just the post-lunch break - he's only open weds-sunday.