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Source for Mexican coca cola in bulk?

I know I can buy them one at a time at a restaurant, but I'd like to buy a case or two to serve at a party. Does anyone know where I can get Mexican coca cola?

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    1. Most Costcos have them. About $17 for a case, plus CRV.

      Smart & Final also carries them. About $24/case plus CRV.

      If you buy it from other places, read the labels, just because they are made in Mexico and are in glass bottles, does not mean they are made with sugar. Some of HFCS.

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        I noticed them a couple of weeks ago at the Van Nuys Costco.

        1. The Latino oriented grocery chains (Vallarta, El Super, Big Saver, Northgate, etc) usually have them.

          El Super
          3321 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303

          1. Vallartas usually have them for $1 per bottle. I don't know if you can get a bulk discount. (Vallarta also has all-sugar Pepsi.)

            BevMo has them for about $1.70 per bottle.

            I've seen them occasionally at Smart and Final, but not recently.

            Also, it is nearly Passover, so you may be able to find all-sugar 2-liter bottles at most major markets. The kosher for Passover bottles usually have yellow caps. Some stores limit the number of bottles you can buy.

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              To follow up, BevMo had them on sale for $1.49 per bottle over the weekend. They were available by the case.

            2. the Ralph's on Pico & San Vicente has them but not in the soda section, it's in the "ethnic" one (also carries some Jamaican products, if I remember correctly). No idea what the price is, sorry.

              1. Beverage Warehouse in Culver City used to carry them. They're pretty customer friendly, maybe give them a call and see if they can get it for you?


                Beverage Warehouse
                4935 McConnell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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                  That's where we go for Sugar Cane Sodas for our parties and sometimes they have kegs of rootbeer...


                2. Torrance Costco always seems to have them when I want them.

                  1. ... now that it is Passover time around March/April, COKE w/ SUGAR (like Mexican Coke)(
                    is available in 2LTRS at many markets esp RALPH'S. Look for the YELLOW CAP 2ltr bottles
                    which show they are Coke w/ SUGAR. (you can't eat 'grains' on this holiday and corn syrup is banned, and Coke makes the sugar version available at this time.) ...

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                      How much are the Passover Coke? Coke made with HFCS in 2L bottles are about $1.50 and when they are on sale about $1.

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                        I got mine a couple of weeks ago at Ralphs in Los Angeles, which charged the same for Passover and non-Passover Coke. I paid 89 cents per bottle, but that sale price is over.

                        FWIW, the ingredients on the Passover Coke list sucrose, not "sugar," as the sweetener. Don't know if that makes a difference to anyone, but I assume it might.

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                          well its different. sucrose can be sugar cane derived sugar--which is what most people think of authentic sugar--and sugar beet derived sugar--though both are Kosher

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                            Just to clarify, the main reason I brought up the sucrose is because I suspect the ingredients list/formula of Passover Coke may be different than that for Mexican Coke. If so, some people here may not consider it the equivalent of Mexican Coke.

                            For that matter, since he said he wants to serve it to party guests, I doubt the OP is interested in the non-descript 2-liter Passover containers or anything other than the distinct Mexican Coke in glass bottles.

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                              Mexico like India, Brazil and other countries are major producers of sugar cane without massive subsidies like our corn industry in the US. So not only is it cheaper in those countries just to use sugar versus high fructose corn syrup but the commonsense locally available choice. Also Mexican coke uses local water as opposed to the passover one. Furthermore, the recipes are tweaked to local tastes so if you taste Indian cola versions of American ones--they do taste different.

                              Anyway, for me Costco is the best source--since Mexico is just across the border--there is no great shipping charge either. So cheap production--unline sugar cane Dr. Pepper from Texas--and low shipping costs make it a good deal versus even regular soda.

                              I wanted to add also that the glass bottle also adds to a different flavoring. I buy milk in glass bottles and I prefer it, plastic next, and last paper.

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                                "Also Mexican coke uses local water as opposed to the passover one."

                                Sounds like a good reason NOT to buy Mexican Coke.

                                1. re: Arthur

                                  It used to be said for an English gentleman to make the best cup of tea he'd import New York City tap water. Also, one idea is that the reason NY pizza is so good is because the pizzamakers ride the subways and hold on to the poles in the subway trains (ie. they don't wash their hands and that imparts a flavor on to the pizza). Anyway, the one contaminated water re: Coca Cola I heard of was in Michigan, USA, where they offered local residents Dasani bottle water for contaminating their groundwater with heavy metals from discharged wastewater. I've heard of the same issue in India and worries that they might do it to Mexico but no such reported incidents.

                    2. The little Yucca market at Cahuenga and Yucca in Hollywodd carries it and some other Mexican soft drinks as well.

                      1. home depot has them in cases for about twenty bucks!

                        1. Smart & Final sells cases of Mexican Coke all the time.