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Apr 13, 2011 11:35 AM

Chowhound Broken in Firefox 4

I have long been visiting Chowhound via Firefox. The advantages are too numerous to list, and include continuous page scrolling of long topics, the ability to easily change the page colours and type styles of the site (without affecting other sites), spell checking, and (though hardly desirable to the site owners), the ability to easily eliminate virtually all ads.

I upgraded to Firefox 4 last week and couldn't possibly go back. Unfortunately, Chowhound no longer works as expected. Pages display properly and can be read, and it is possible to successfully expand all posts within a topic. Much else is broken:

- The word "loading" appears at the beginning of the OP - top left - and never goes away - this seems to be diagnostic
- The awful sharing menu flies out as expected (and I wish it wouldn't - this implementation needs an overhaul), but displays "loading" in two places and never does actually load
- It is impossible to expand a single post
- It is impossibe to either reply to a post or create a new one

And these are just the showstoppers....

I am using Firefox 4 for Chowhound via an add-on called IE Tab Plus, which displays pages in Firefox using the MSIE engine. This works and preserves at least some of the Firefox benefits, but it is very annoying and doesn't work with most of my essential Firefox tools. I haven't noticed other comments about this, but suspect I'm not the only one. Most Sites simply work in Firefox; a percentage don't work at all. But these particular Firefox issues seem solvable.

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  1. I'm using Firefox 4.0 with Win Vista and have none of the problems you listed. I'm also not using the Add-In you named.

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    1. re: AreBe

      I'm on XP Pro/SP3. It's very probably an add-in issue. However, I don't have any oddball add-ins, no other site (so far...) has these problems, and - though I don't have time to troubleshoot code when they have staff to do this - the "sharing" features are certainly a suitable place to begin troubleshooting.

      The flyout is an issue, itself. When viewed in MSIE, I find that it obscures the material I wan to read.

    2. i only need the ie tab usually for microsofts own sites...
      and occasionally for sites from work that r ie only...
      i use chow in FF at work and opera or FF at home..

      1. and u can get rid of the sharing pop up...

        there is a thread already on chow that tells u how...
        u need the ad blocker plus extension with helper object extension.....

        look for kunegunde's post in this topic

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        1. re: srsone

          Thank's for that info. The offending flyout is, mercifully, no more, though it still appears in the IE TAB+ view (where it obscures the left edge of high-level topics).

          I recognize the approach the ABP helper takes from an addon called Aardvark (not yet available for FF4). It works in much the the same way as Aardvark, and the ABP integration lets the changes persist through window refreshes (which Aardvark couldn't do).

          That said, the posting/replying/expanding showstoppers persist. I'm not surprised, since ABP is merely hiding some of the code from the rendering engine. The offending code remains. If the developers are watching this thread, these really do need attention.