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Apr 13, 2011 11:34 AM

Stoney Brook Grille, Branchburg, NJ?

Considering going to Stoney Brook Grille in Branchburg for dinner tomorrow night. Have any CH'ers been there? Any good? Recommended dishes?

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  1. Food is ok - I wasn't really wowed (but not disappointed either), but the inside of the restaurant is nice (renovated/updated from when it was New Orleans Restaurant). When I went, service was painfully slow though, so I really haven't been back since I usually go w/ my family which includes my toddler daughter.

    1. I went to the Stoney Brook Grille with seven others shortly after it opened, so things may be quite different now.

      I agree completely with edh1713 about the food - perfectly adequate but certainly not in the "don't miss" category.. Our service, however, was very good. We had only one server during the entire dinner and she was always on top of things. Several people in the group commented on how efficient she was.

      I should mention that when we went, the place was incredibly noisy. At the end of the evening, we talked to the manager and he stated that he was aware of the problem and that plans were underway to reduce the noise, which most likely resulted from the renovations that introduced a lot of hard surfaces. I have no idea if anything has been done.

      1. Went there for a drink after work and a light dinner. Bar area was nicely active with most patrons in their 30s - 40s; busy but not too loud or crowded. Had a drink at the bar then moved over to the dining room. Ambrose in his post here, as well as reviewers I've read on other sites, comment that the restaurant is very noisy. I did not find the noise level to be unusually high, but the dining area was only about half full. Server was young and cheerful yet professional. We just had salads for dinner. When she brought our salads, before even setting them on the table, she immediately recognized and apologized that the kitchen put dressing on my companion's salad despite her having asked for the dressing on the side. The server said she would have a new salad made up immediately, asked whether I would like my salad also brought back to the kitchen so that it would be brought back to the table at the same time as my companions (a nice touch but I'm not that considerate), and brought my companion a glass of wine to compensate for what was, at most, a 5 minute delay in bringing out her dinner. I give credit to the server (or the management for training the staff) for handling a very minor flub by the kitchen with all the right moves. I had the Asian Grilled Shrimp salad and it was fine. Nothing amazing, nothing terrible. Nice size portion of crisp, fresh salad, perhaps five or six grilled shrimp (which were a bit salty for my taste but not unpleasantly so). My guest had the Mediterranian chop salad which she also said was fine. All in all, while I would not make the Stoney Brook Grille a destination restaurant for a special occasion dinner, I will put it on the list of possible places to grab a drink and dinner with friends, especially since it is on my way home from work and there are not many places immediately west of Bridgewater.

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          I have not been to this relatively new establishment, but until I have a clear idea of the type of clientele that frequents the place, I don't plan on going.

          Why do I say this? Because there was a very dangerous incident there approximately one week ago, that began as a brawl inside the restaurant and morphed into a near-fatal knife fight in the parking lot.

          Hopefully, that incident does not represent "business as usual" for this place, but it certainly gives me pause. For the details of this horrific incident, take a look at:

          1. re: Ted in Central NJ

            Ted - The clientele when I was there last Thursday evening looked like lawyers, accountants, business professionals, etc. Didn't notice any brawling or knife fights in the parking lot either. Perhaps they get a different crowd on a Saturday night, but from what I saw, I don't think you need to fear the Stoney Brook Grille.