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Apr 13, 2011 11:30 AM

West East Bistro Hicksville/Bethpage

Since the Orient is temporarily closed, I decided to check out this restaurant a few blocks north on South Broadway. It features "New American Asian Cuisine".

What it is is Asian style cooking, without any Asian type vegetables. It is the type of Asian food a housewife in Omaha would prepare, where the only Asian ingredient on hand is some LaChoy soy sauce.

The menu featured a half a dozen sauces, that they will stir fry with American vegetables. There is a choice of included proteins, or optional ones like filet Mignon.

I should have suspected something when I saw square plates. This is the keynote marker of SMALL PORTIONS.

The food was good, but quantity was about half the size of the local Chinese restaurant ones, but at the same price.


Asian Cuisine
1757 E Main St, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

West East Bistro
758 S. Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801

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  1. OTOH, I think the portions in restaurants tend to be WAY too big. If the quantity is half the size of the local Chinese restaurants, then it's probably closer to what we ought to be eating.

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      But whether or not it's a good value has something to do with how much food you get for your dollar. I don't overeat at a restaurant, I take home the excess for the next day's lunch. If prices are low in line with portions, that's fine, too.

      1. re: mcf

        Piggybacking on my own post after finally having made visit to this restaurant that we enjoyed. I am diabetic and eat very low carb. I also buy grass fed meats exclusively, and grass fed dairy as much as I can, and organic produce exclusively. In the past, when I'd looked at the menu, I thought I saw what appeared to be kind of carb centric for my needs and skipped it.

        Glad for the change to organics, grass fed, sustainable foods, love how casual and unfussy it is while service operated smoothly and efficiently and enjoyed our food a lot.

        Because other folks have mentioned small portions and my husband likes largish meals, we had three starters: gumbo, blackened string beans and octopus (small squid, really). We enjoyed all three.

        I could have used a little salt, but the food is pretty well seasoned and I chose not to ask for it. Everyone has different sensitivity and ability to taste salt, and I really dislike not having it on the table. (I'm in heaven if there's a small pepper mill on the table, too.)

        Entrees are, as many folks have said, on the modest size end of the spectrum, but delicious; I had marinated bistro steak that was perfectly cooked to order and DH had mahi mahi, a fish he enjoys and I don't care for due to its leanness. The saucing and moistness of the preparation made it really good even to my taste.

        Another note about portion size: I'm so glad to go somewhere with everything organic and, especially, grass fed and otherwise healthy and sustainable that the portion sizes make sense to me, given how much more I know such high quality food buying habits cost me for home cooking. If portions were the standard ginormous ones, the cost wouldn't be as approachable by all as it is now. We certainly didn't leave WEB hungry.

        We'll be back.

        (even though there's no prosecco ;-))