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Apr 13, 2011 11:12 AM

O hare To Skokie

Driving from O'Hare to Skokie Weds. night around 9:00 anywhere on the way or even out of the way that you would consider WOW food, any price range?

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  1. That time on a weeknight makes it difficult, as a lot of restaurants stop seating after 9:00. Here are a couple of choices open later, that are near Skokie (not exactly on the way from O'Hare, but the next town over from Skokie) and are very good of their type:

    Mitchell's Fish Market (seafood, Glenview) -
    Pete Miller's (steakhouse, Evanston) -

    Here's one more suggestion. It's a bit further out of your way than the previous suggestions, but it's still only about 10 minutes (5 miles) from Skokie. They serve till 10:30, and it's fantastic:

    Michael (contemporary American, Winnetka) -

    If you want "WOW food", this is definitely the place you need to go; if you asked me the best half dozen meals I've had in the Chicago area in the past five years, at least three of them were at Michael. I've posted detailed reports on some of those meals in the discussion at