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Apr 13, 2011 10:15 AM

First time in SMA next week , please review choices and where to eat dinner on Easter Sunday?

Two NYC women hounds hitting SMA next week. Cobbled together a lot of info from this Board and also Trip Advisor website, so I think we have what we need re breakfast, lunch, trucks --- but we would like some feedback on dinner choices, which are: The Restaurant, Cafe Rama, La Posadita, Mia Vida, and Jackie's. We both love a good steak and considered Tio Lucas, but it got pretty mixed reviews elsewhere and a comment that two women alone would not be treated well there. Samr for Longhorn Steakhouse. Any ideas about what is open on Easter Sunday for dinner? For Italian, would we be better off at Andrea? What about substituting Nirvana for anything on our list?

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