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Apr 13, 2011 09:57 AM

Rosina Gourmet -- no prices?

I went to Rosina Gourmet downtown last week and they had a new menu up. Pretty much the same sandwiches, but without any prices displayed. It's not that all the items cost the same--there are about 20 choices, and they all have different prices. I asked the staff and they said it was the owner's idea so that they could change the prices if ingredients changed cost.

I find this very disconcerting. It seems like a pretty transparent attempt to raise prices without alerting the consumers. (After all, if prices are really fluctuating, just have chalkboard prices or something.) I felt very uneasy placing my order and then finding out how much is costs. Prices are one of the inputs I use when deciding what to order. I'm being cheated if I don't have all the information.

I adore the food at Rosina, and Vino Rosina also. Some of the best stuff in Baltimore. But I don't know if I can support such an anti-customer mentality.


Rosina Gourmet
2819 Odonnell St, Baltimore, MD

Rosina Gourmet
300 E Lombard St Lbby 103, Baltimore, MD 21202

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  1. So there are no prices on any menus? No prices posted anywhere in the restaurant? I'm not certain, but I was always under the impression that this is not legal. Perhaps it's a state by state issue, but it certainly seems unacceptable.

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      Nothing on the wall menu, nothing on the takeout menu...nada. Seems weird that as some places start putting more info on the menu (calories, size, etc.) this place is going the other direction.

      1. re: dcopeland

        Wonder if this attitude had anything to do with Sandlin leaving...

      2. re: Jason1

        That's extremely odd! Hopefully after people hating it for a few weeks, they'll put the prices back on the menus.

      3. I sometimes avoid restaurants when they avoid putting prices on their website menus, let alone the thought that there may actually be no prices in the restaurant either. I still believe this could be a legal issue, as it opens up the door for descriminatory pricing (charging different groups different prices), etc.