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Apr 13, 2011 09:55 AM

Cheap eats in Niagara Falls

Its my boyfriend's birthday on Wednesday, May 4th. I have a wonderful dinner planned for the special evening at an really nice restaurant in Toronto, but I would also like to take him away for the weekend to Niagara Falls.

The hotel and 2 adult attraction passes will cost me about $120. My budget for the weekend (arriving Saturday morning and leaving Sunday evening) is no more than $220. With accommodation and entertainment costing $120, that leaves me with only $100 for three meals.

I need recommendations for breakfast and dinner in Niagara Falls that are reasonable priced!

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  1. Breakfast in the Falls you can go to the Flying Saucer (cheap, greasy spoon) or John's on Thorold Stone Rd. There's no shortage of breakfast places if you leave the area around Clifton Hill. For dinner, again, get away from Clifton Hill.. Some recommendations, for the best value, most of the restaurants on Queen St., are good. You can go to Taps Brewery and get a pizza, wings and growler of beer (about 4 pints) for $25. All of it is homemade, including the beer. Paris Crepes is ok and Mide Bistro is good. If you avoid the chains in NF, you can eat well for your budget.

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      I just checked out Taps' Menu online based on your rec.

      Have you ever had the Chicken'n'Waffles?
      The menu seems pretty decent for the Falls area.

      1. re: pakmode

        I haven't tried the chicken and waffles. They just changed the menu so I haven't really tried the entrees. The burgers and sandwiches are all good, and pizza is decent too. Everything I have tried is home made and fresh. They smoke all of their own meats.

        It is a nice change from all of the touristy places in the Falls, and the prices are decent.

    2. For brekkie, you'll get good. hearty food for prices from days gone by at the Falls Manor on Lundy's Lane.

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