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Apr 13, 2011 09:10 AM

Philly Chowhound coming to Orlando -- need advice!

Hello Orlando Chowhounds! I am heading your way next week with my family of foodies and alas non-foodies.

We do very well at Japanese restaurants, so I have made reservations at Hanamizuki and Dragonfly. I have a reservation at Blue Zoo. I am also planning to go to La Luce, Pio Pio (we love Pio Pio in NYC!), and Market St. Cafe.

Two questions:

1. Based on things I've read on your board, it appears that the pizza of choice comes from Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza. Does anyone want to confirm or deny?

2. What are your "upscale, but casual" places of choice? California Grill is booked :(

I would love to go to Jiko, but that menu is just to eclectic for the non-foodies in the group.

Thanks for any and all advice. I will report back!!

California Grill
Disneys Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

Pio Pio Restaurant
5752 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

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  1. 1. I love Anthony's but reactions overall are mixed - do you like the coal-fired pizza style (slightly burned/charred crust)? Problem is, not many other decent pizza options. If you are hitting Epcot you may want to try the overpriced but good Via Napoli ( ) in the Italy "land"

    2. You already have La Luce, which fits upscale casual. I'll assume you don't want to extend beyond the tourist corridor into downtown or Winter Park. Plus, if Jiko is too eclectic you are removing a number of good ethnic options (Cedar's, Anatolia, Hanamizuki, Nile). So based on the above assumptions I'd take a look at the online menu's for Funky Monkey Wine Company in Pointe Orlando ( ), Tchoup Chop ( ), Primo ( ), and Chef's Table (in Winter Garden) (http://www.chefstableattheedgewater.c...


    These are all good but I strongly recommend La Luce over all of them except perhaps Chef's Table

    Based on recent experiences, I would recommend dropping Market St Cafe. If you want to see Celebration, go to the Columbia restaurant instead.

    Sounds like you may have already searched the boards, but if not here's a few threads (one with comments from a recent Philly Hound visit) that offer a comprehensive review

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    1. re: YosemiteSam

      Wow, thanks YosemiteSam! I will definitely skip Market St. Cafe, and I appreciate that you dropped the names of a few ethnic options in case we split up foodies vs. non-foodies :) Hanamizuki is on the list -- somehow Japanese pleases all. It looks great! I will look at your other suggested options and thanks for the links to general topics. We could use someone like you on the Philly board :)

    2. 1. Orlando Pizza has a lot to be desired. I haven't found much my Pizza snob Husband likes. We went to Anthony's and thought it was ok. If your going to be around Disney Via Napoli at Epcots World showcase is an option.

      2. Upscale yet Casual would be Ravenous Pig in Winter Park. If Winter Park is not in your places of places to go then Normans may be a good option not required to way fancy clothes, but khaki instead of denim is preferred.

      If you decide to do more sushi I'd say go to Mikado Sushi Hunters creek location. Locally owned and completely different regardless of the name. It's delicious

      Mikado Sushi
      13586 Village Park Dr, Orlando, FL 32837

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      1. re: Sandwich_Sister

        Thanks Sandwich Sister! If there were 10 good Japanese/sushi spots, we'd hit them all. Thanks for adding Mikado! I'll check out Ravenous Pig and Normans after a visit to my BFF, GoogleMaps :)