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Apr 13, 2011 08:56 AM

Anyone know where to purchase French Macaroons in Westchester?

I am looking for French Macaroons which are not the same as the coconut macaroons that are served for passover. I know that Payard in lower Manhattan makes them and was curious if anyone sells the in Westchester.

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  1. Give La Tulip in Mt. Kisco a call. They may have them.

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      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

        a BIG +1 for ice cream and for La Tulipe! They have them all the time and they are excellent!

        1. re: Sra. Swanky

          Agreed with La Tulipe - they are my fave and they are terrific - especially the caramel and raspberry ones. (But, FWIW, I believe L'Anjou in Mt. Kisco and Perennial Chef in Bedford Hills usually have them as well.)

    1. Chantilly in Bronxville ( have only tried the pistachio ) and it was good. I saw them at Martine's fine bake shoppe in Tuckahoe. Martine's is not a French bakery and does not specialize in them although some of their other offerings are good. I can't vouch for the quality of the macaroons because I have not tried them.

      1. Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville has French Macarons... And the owner is French! All pastries are excellent here.

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          Salzburg in Rye has them and the bakery near DiCicco's in Scardsdale (across from Chat) also carries them.

        2. Trader Joe has combo of vanilla and chocolate (6 of each flavor) in frozen section. I only had the vanilla as my dtr woofed the chocolate. Gotta be fast in my house! Vanilla was pretty good.

          1. The macarons at Jean-Jacques are extraordinary...

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            1. Susan Lawrence in Chappaqua has delicious ones...not sure if its all year round though

              1. re: apples

                Is there a season for macarons?