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Apr 13, 2011 08:48 AM

ISO: crawfish in toronto

anyone know where i can get crawfish {would prefer live, but i am realistic and will settle for frozen}? it will need to be a TTC-able place, i live in etobicoke but i am well versed in both chinatowns and don't mind a streetcar or subway ride.

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  1. The search function shows this

    Mike's at St Lawrence market is mentioned.

    1. I pick up my supply of crawfish from Ikea. They come frozen in a dill sauce but the sauce can be taken off when they defrost.

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      1. re: juliewong

        What are the prices like, and do you have to assemble them?

        1. re: Snarf

          Yea what kinda prices are we lookin at? They seem cheap and plentiful whenever I see them on TV, but something tells me they would be super expensive here in Toronto...

          1. re: Snarf

            Assemble them? I probably don't understand but they do come whole. I don't exactly remember what they cost at Ikea but $14 rings a bell. They only have them at certain times of the year - I believe spring so right now. Let me know if you find them and I will follow up as well. You can also pick up their really fancy plastic bibs.

            1. re: juliewong

              i remembered seeing them there at ikea before, even told my wife, who didn't believe me. do you think they had them when we got there, LOL. no. still not hearing the end of it. i'll show her this post though :) we just went to new orleans and she had them for the first time and LOVED them, so i'm going to have my folks over this weekend for a shellfish boil and would love to get some to put in. SLM is the best option i think for this time, but now that my ikea findings are confirmed, dispite or to spite my wife, i will be looking for them every time i go there now.

              thanks for the help guys {and potential ammo to win a friendly arguement with the ikea info :) }

        2. It's a trek to Vaughan but Seafood Depot has 'em.

          I'm worried that they say product of USA and China. I'd look to stick to USA produced crawfish.