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Apr 13, 2011 08:35 AM

Vegan pizza that delivers to yonge and eglinton - late at night

We have a birthday party and ideally would like the pizza to be delivered at midnight - but earlier would do too.Any ideas?
Thanks a bunch!

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  1. With vegan cheese or just a dairy and meat-free pizza? Pizza Pizza otherwise. The whole wheat crust crisps up nicely in a three minute 500F oven. Pile on the toppings but no fake cheese. Or add your own once it shows up.

    1. Try magic oven. Not sure how late they are open but awesome menu for vegans

      1. Pizzaiolo opens late in some locations so may also deliver at midnight. A few vegan pizzas on the menu. I'm a fan of the Fredo (carbs on carbs!) after a late night out.

        1. I've found that just about any pizza place will make a vegan pizza, just tell them no cheese or meat. The one thing you have to ask about is whether there is egg in their dough. This varies from place to place.